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That's fairly common, however, a good dose of benzos should help you out, so I'm a bit surprised by that. It's basically chemically impossible to have a panic attack on a good dose of lorazepam. What and how much are you taking? On the worst days I've taken 2mg of lorazepam at once, and if you're having a panic attack on 2mg of lorazepam (or any anxiety for that matter) I think you're eating sugar pills ;)

Also, always talk to your doctor first, but lorazepam and most benzos have very high "safe levels". Some people are INITIALLY prescribed 4mg lorazepam for insomnia and that's not even anywhere close to enough to hurt a healthy person.
I originally was prescribed .5mg lorazepam and after awhile asked my doc if it was OK to take another if it wasn't helping. He said absolutely. I eventually stopped getting prescribed .5mg and just got the 1mg pills. I would say take 2 .5 mg next time (1mg total) at the same time, and see if it helps. 1mg is nowhere near anything even remotely dangerous. What I gather from your post is that you took another half and started worrying if you took too much! That can contribute to your anxiety as well! :)

Take a look at the dosage section of that page. It recommends that 6mg not be exceeded in one day very often. I don't think you'll have a problem there :) Even on bad days, 1mg twice a day was usually enough, sometimes 1mg 3 times per day.

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