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Hi, :wave:

Clonazepam is a good medication for anxiety. I've been taking it for [U]about four years[/U]. I'm a rapid-cycler bipolar with anxiety disorder. Rapid cycling can make me very anxious. And since I've yet to find the right "cocktail" for the rapid mood swings, my pdoc started me on Clonazepam to at least relieve the anxiety symptoms.

My dosage is [U]1mg, five times per day [/U]([U]as needed[/U]). On really bad days I take five per day. Other days I can get by taking one or two per day. And sometimes, I don't take any.

Yes, Clonazepam is addictive. My pdoc told me that when he first prescribed it. I too, was concerned about becoming addicted. To be honest with you, I'd much rather be addicted to Clonazepam than suffer anxiety all the time.

The "addiction" isn't like what you might suspect. It's not like being addicted to crack or heroine or any street drugs or alcohol. I don't "crave" Clonazepam if I go without it. My body doesn't "crave" it. I don't get the "shakes" if I go a day without it. And, when or if my pdoc decides to take me off Clonazepam, he's told me he'll do it one small step at a time.

I try to be really responsible with Clonazepam. I've found that most of the time, I can get by very nicely by taking only two per day (2mgs). Still, it's nice to know that I'm allowed to take up to 5 per day, if needed. If Clonazepam was like so many other addictions, my body and mind wouldn't allow me to vary the dosage every day. I'd feel like I always must take 5 per day.

Hope this helps. If you need to talk, you can find me lurking on the bipolar board.

Good Luck,

Don't worry about the addiction- take it as prescribed and you won't go down that path.

It's not anymore addicting than Mt. Dew, for example. People with addicte-type personalities will become addicted to anything.

Dependence (physiological) should not be confused with addiction.

That is a very low dose- which I guess doesn't matter, but I wouldn't be concerned with it. Many peope take much more than that daily. If it helps you, and your Dr. feels it's appropriate, follow the advice of the physician.

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