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nikigrl18883, Yep, i had dizziness, nausea, headaches, crying, vagueness, memory probs, nightmares, felt like massive lump in my neck, huge tension in shoulders, muscle aches, tingling, twitching in middle of night, shaking, thoughts of disaster and death, i felt constantly out of control, off balance like i couldnt see properly or something, confused fearful and like a completely different person. The only thing tests showed was an extremely allergic reaction to house dust mites which i had never had before and that has pretty much gone away now. I've read that when your adrenals are exhausted from stress etc you can produce allergies. I was given meds originally but had such a chronic panic attack after reading the sife effects on them i wanted my boyf at the time to call ambulance and buy me a casket as i was convinced i couldnt feel my feet, my tongue was swelling, i was losing it and was about to die. I just get mild symptoms around my periods now although I still don't have the confidence to go and do much on my own incase i ever feel like that again.

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