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Re: Xanax help?
Jul 4, 2006
Xanax is a very addictive drug. I would stay away from it. Klonopin is also. Tell your doctor you do not want to take anything that is highly addictive like these 2 drugs. there are so many others out there that help with anxiety. Please don't start taking addictive drugs. Even people who take them as prescribed get addicted and have to be weened off them. Only my opinion.....:rolleyes:
Re: Xanax help?
Jul 4, 2006
Hi SutterCane,

I have taken both Klonopin and Xanax in the past.

While Klonopin works well for some, it was to much for me...even at the smallest possible kind of made me feel like a zombie.
But like I said I know other people who have taken it in the past or are still taking it and have no problem.

Xanax was the one that worked best for never made me feel sleepy, not even from the very first pill.
Although I know others who have taken and say that at first it made them kind of groogy but that didn't last for long, they said once they got used to it that feeling left.

So acutally it's kind of hard to answer your question because everyone reacts differently.
Klonopin knocked me out and Xanax didn't and like I said others I know had just the opposite happen to them, the Xanax made them tired and the Klonopin didn't.
But again, the people that I've talked to say that the sleepy feeling doesn't last long and once you get used to the drug that effect goes away.

If it were me I'd talk to the Doctor about your concern with being tired on these drugs and see what his/her opinion is.
Re: Xanax help?
Jul 9, 2006
If your problem is out and out panic, Xanax (or the extended release, Xanax XR) is the benzodiazepine of choice. It just hits the spot for panic and has long been considered the most effective medication for relieving panic symptoms. Some docs are hesitant to freely prescribe it to "just anyone" because of the perceived addiction potential (though people who don't have addiction problems have been shown not to become addicted). Everyone will have different results with different meds. I took Valium for about 3 years with relatively good results, but not as good as the Xanax XR I'm on now. I also tried Klonopin and didn't find it as helpful. Valium and Klonopin CAN help panic, but they tend not to help as much as Xanax. Ativan is a favorite of docs, especially hospital docs, because it has a lower addiction potential and is intermediate acting. I found Ativan to be the absolute least helpful medication I have ever taken for anxiety. It made me dizzy and relieved very little of my anxiety. A relative of mine found it very helpful, though, so that's how it is with these meds. Trial and error. Best wishes.

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