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I get these feelings as well. But I was told by more than one dr and person that it was from G.E.R.D..( reflux) really common in anxiety patients. It seems to be triggered more at night when I lay on my right side. It's like I get a twitch in my throat, and it makes me gasp for air and it feels like my heart skips a beat. I was told that reflux is more common when you lay on your right side because of the vena cava or something like that putting pressure on your esophagus and the little flap that keeps the wind pipe and the esophagus seperate closes quickly to prevent acid from going down into your lungs. I still get it during the day when I'm standing upright, but it's less frequent. So, don't freak out because more than likely this is what it is, I believe. I used to check my heart during this, and I would get dizzy for a minute...but I think that was more anxiety kicking in because I thought my heart skipped a beat. It's more or less an adrenaline rush so you will get dizzy. The dr put me on prevacid and I haven't really had it happen. Ask your dr before freaking out and see if they say it makes sense to you. It does to me and since I believe that is what is happening, I don't really pay much attention to it any more....MIND OVER MATTER!!!

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