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I've been trying to ride it out--my first time on any type of AD. I was having SEVERE anxiety/panic which I guess also pushed me into somewhat of a depression--just couldn't function ...a lot of medical problems added to the mess.
Everything I've read says it takes a while, so I've been trying to be patient. But today I just felt I can't stand it anymore--the anxiety is surfacing & I'm jumping out of my skin. I took half of a Xanax ( .25) this afternooon & it took the edge off, but I'm getting weird again. My husaband asked if I wantd to go out tonight & I couldn't even think about how I would pull myself together & look & act "normal".
My next appt with psyche doc is 7/18--don't think I can make it. But alsonI'm petrified of withdrawal effects if I wean--how did I get into this mess?

Any advice gratefully accepted......Has anyone weaned off Remeron? If so how did you do it & how bad were the withdrawals? I am on 15 mgm/day. I'm also afraid I will be even worse off the Remeron & have to start all over again with something else? I just want this feeling to go away !! I have no one here to talk to who would understand--everyone is happy, jolly & well adjusted ...
Well, I am about to take my first Remeron 15mg, which was prescribed for depression that followed severe anxiety. Now I'm really having second thoughts. Did you feel this way from the start? I've never taken any meds before and I'm really struggling with this!! I wonder if I should just take one and see what happens. I can't imagine there'd be withdrawal problems after just a day or two.
I think if your going to take the first Remeron you should be comitted to take it for four to six weeks to see its full effect. I believe your not going to see any difference by only taking one


Even though I haven't had any experience with AD's until now--it seems to be the consensus that you need to give it time tonreally see if it will help.
I just feel I've given it 6 + weeks & I don't like where I'm at at all, in fact anxiety was worse today than in past few weeks.

My psyche doc did prescribe Xanax which she advised me to use up to 3 x day especially in the first few weeks as she said the anxiety can worsen when first on an AD. She said I would know when I didn't need it any more as it would make me feel too tired along with the Remeron. Well, I've only taken half of a .25 mgm Xanax here and there, not everyday, but today was horrible. I would think if the Remeron was providing good effect I should be getting less anxiety, not more.
I'm telling you this because if anxiety is your main problem, you may need something to help the first few weeks with the anxiety even if the Remeron is a good choice for you .

The first 2-3 weeks I was very drowsy & very hungry. Make sure you take it at will sleep well ! The hungry part was good as I was down to 104 lbs. Now up to 109 lbs. If weight is an issue--beware- I have eaten half of a blueberry pie, and several pieces of chocolate peanut butter bars & an enteman's donut today alone ! I am wondering if all this sugar is making my anxiety worse. It is an uncontrollable hunger for sweets with Remeron--maybe it won't affect you that way but for me it has.
I hope the Remeron helps you--don't be afraid of it ( I know how that feels) as I've been able to function for the most part...I just don't like how I'm feeeling past few days & am disappointed, today being particularly bad with the anxiety.

Trg247- if I am to wean off the Remeron, do you think reducing the dose by a 1/4 of a tab a week will be ok? I will be talking to my doc, but trust the people here more.
You say you are on a heavy cocktail now? You think it may be because you went off the Remeron cold turkey? What are you taking now if you don't mind me asking ?

Thanks for your help,
Kate anxiousinnj
Hi- first time on this site. In response to the above posting- remeron is used in some instances as an appetite stimulant, so it will increase some people's appetites. Also, studies have shown for those individuals who need to go on an antidepressant-those who take themselves off of the medication before giving it one full year will find themselves back on an AD and this time may have to stay on them for 5 years. It is worth giving them a full chance to work and staying on, even when you feel better. Your doctor is the best person to determine when and if you should come off of them. For people who are going on an AD for the first time there is a huge sense of guilt and shame, mainly brought on by the negative coverage depression and anxiety gets from society. I had a terrible time with depression and anxiety 8 years ago that lasted for 3 yrs so I completely understand all the feelings you are having. Sometimes the depression and anxiety are situational, as was mine-and thank God it passed after my divorce. Also, depression and anxiety almost always go hand-in-hand. Talk to your doctor before making any medication adjustments. 6 million people are on AD's and millions of others suffer from it and don't say anything out of fear-Keep your head held high and remember that "this too shall pass". :angel:
I haven't taken Remeron but I did try Paxil and it didn't work for me. I took valium off and on for a while but as I have kids I found it hard to function when I was taking it so stopped. The one thing I've found helps more than anything, is finding a really good psychologist. It's not cheap, I'm in Australia and will have spent about $1000 by the time I stop seeing her, but really, when you're where I was (where I think you all know we can be when we're suffering severe anxiety, there are no words for that world) it's so worth it I couldn't care less if I owe Mastercard forever. She's using CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), and has convinced me to avoid medication for a few weeks. The first 3 weeks I didn't think I'd manage it, and to be honest if I didn't have kids I'd be on something by now, but between never getting a chance to go the doctor and believing my psychologist, I've stuck it out and am now 'out of the woods' so to speak. If you can see your way to doing it, please try to not just rely on medication. The best thing you can do for yourself is to figure out how this started happening and how to stop it. I'm still working on it and have a way to go yet, but I so feel for you.

One really good book I've read has been 'Power over Panic' by Bronwyn Fox. Also check out [url][COLOR="Red"]REMOVED[/COLOR][/url]

All the best. I wish you all the best!

Well, I took my first dose of Remeron last night and the only side effect I'm feeling this morning is a bit of grogginess. I slept, but wouldn't say it knocked me out--I woke up a few times during the night. I did have more vivid, realistic dreams (not nightmares) like I heard I might. Still waiting for the munchies to hit, though. Like you, Kate, one of the reasons my doc and I settled on this particular AD is that the anxiety had completely KILLED my appetite. I was having to force myself to eat. So, that's actually one side effect I'm hoping for! Hope you're feeling less anxious today. I have to say that while I was terrified to take my first pill, I did wake up a bit less anxious than I had been over the last few weeks. Still too early to tell with this one but I'm optimistic right now. I also completely agree with the poster who recommended seeing a psychologist. That was my first line effort, but the anxiety was SO bad I felt I wasn't going to get anything out of the therapy until I staved it off. I tried clonazepam on an as-needed basis first, which does take the anxiety edge off temporarily. However, that's when the depression settled in. All my life I've been opposed to putting foreign substances in my body unless absolutely necessary, but this time around, I felt it was a necessity. I was barely living, I was so consumed by my anxious thoughts. I want to be the happy, healthy me again. And since I went through a similar ordeal 4 1/2 years ago that I somehow managed to get through without prescription aid, I finally realized this is a problem that's going to keep recurring if I don't do something about it. I'm hoping and praying (I'm a Christian, which made the decision to turn to meds all the harder) that this time around I will nip this awful thing in the bud for good! I'll be praying the same for all of you too.

Gosh anxiousinnj, our situations DO sound very similar except I have no other health problems so to speak. I just THINK I have health problems. Both my last episode and this one started with obsessions over my health. Last time I was 100% convinced my problems was physical, not mental, and I took medical testing to the extreme. This time around I finally had to admit to myself that it's probably not physical and it is psychological. Hence, my seeking out a psychologist as opposed to a medical doctor. When the psychologist concluded that I had anxiety with underlying depression, she then referred me to a D.O. for a prescription.

Also like you, I somehow managed to get through the last episode--which really did a number on me I might add since it lasted several months while I awaited the results of my myriad medical tests--without the aid of medication (except a half Xanax here and there) or counseling. I'm thinking, had I been diagnosed correctly that go-around, I wouldn't be where I am now. This feeling is just awful. I want to check myself into an inpatient clinic and get this taken care of as quickly as possible, but I have no idea where to turn for that! So, here I am struggling through like the rest of you. Thanks for the support.

As for the Remeron and wanting to eat everything in sight, my first dose didn't do that to me. I'm still forcing myself to eat today. We'll see what dose two does for me tomorrow, I suppose.

Well I'm glad you aren't having any increased anxiety--I felt an increase rather quickly. I would wake in the morning with a feeling of terror....that has passed thank goodness.
As for hunger--yes I know what you mean--I totally did not know how hunger felt anymore. But literally the first night I took the Remeron I cam down to raid the fridge during the we hours..I couldn't believe I felt hungry.My appetite is still pretty good, in fact I am now telling myself I have to go back to eating more healthy & cutting out the fats as I was just putting in whatever had the most calories to prove that I COULD gain weight--I was scared. Now I don't want to go back to being a bit over weight as I was a year ago. Just can't please me :confused:
It may just be taking a bit to get into your system as they say these drugs are different with everyone. You are taking 15 mgm right?
I am very chemical sensitive--always seems I need to take half doses of things. I started at 7.5 mgm for a few weeks then went to 15 on that about a month. I see the psyche doc next week & I don't know if she will want to increase to 30 mgm, but I don't know if I want to be taking more. I am functoning now, although not completely myself, but a lot of family stress going on so to be expected I guess. Sleep--well I took my Remeron about 45 minutes ago & I'm still up and not feeling tired. But when I do go to bed I will fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.

When do you see your doc next? My doc insisted I give it 6 weeks before judging it's effectiveness so I've been trying to do as told. I want to feel better !
Let me know how you are doing as time goes. Since we both have the sever anxiety issues I would like to compare notes. I am better past few days--anxiety is there but I am not wanting to get out of y skin feeling--more manageable if that makes any sense.

trg247 I hope you are doing ok........when do you have to go into the hospital ?

Kate anxiousinnj
Kate anxiousinnj,

Well, maybe I spoke a bit too quickly. Last night I did experience a few hours of anxiety, but I somehow distracted myself before I had to resort to my clonazepam. I was prescribed the benzo first on an "as-needed" basis. At the time, "as-needed" felt like all the time, but I still resisted most of the time as the benzos (Xanax, clonazapem, etc.) are notorious for dependency. Still, I like knowing I have them to fall back on if necessary. I don't, however, think the Remeron has added to my anxiety. I think what I felt last night is just residual from the original anxiety, which is something I'd really like to beat without the aid of pills.

A few questions for you: 1. I've read that Remeron can increase the effects of drugs like clonazepam. Didn't you say you take Xanax as needed? Do you find that it's stronger since starting Remeron? 2. Have you tried seeing a psychologist in conjunction with your medication? I've heard combining medication with CBT is the best way to go, which is my aim. Unfortunately, the psychologist I was seeing is not part of my insurance network and I'm now trying to get in with one who is.

Yes, I am on 15mg of Remeron, which is what my doctor said is the typcial starting dose for adults. She said I could start at 7.5mg, but that that was usually a geriatric dose. I have a followup appointment with her on the 27th, when I suspect she'll consider upping me to 30mg. My main concern right now is getting an appetite back since the last time I went through extreme anxiety I lost 15-20 pounds. Just taking proactive measures this time around and hoping, like you said, the Remeron is just taking time to build up in my system. I did get a pretty good night of sleep last night.

You too please keep me posted on your progress. It helps just knowing someone else is going through what I am.

Kathy, anxiousagain
Hi Kathy,

Sorry you had a bit of the big "A" last night. I'm having it a bit this morning but there are reasons. Much stress that is out of my control in the family. Wish everything could just be normal for a while at least until I feel more like myself.
No, I haven't seen a psychologist although I know that is the only way to really get a hold on this monster. I just can't afford it--none of them accept insurance where I am ( NJ) & I have a $2500 deductible for mental health--just had $5,000 out of pocket for gallbladder surgery. I have to pay my psyche doc $125 per visit-- so getting treatment for this anxiety is causing me more anxiety.
I guess I am hoping the Remeron will get me to a little better place & hopefully get off of it, then maybe I can see a psychologist about CBT to try keep the anxiety at bay.

Yes, I have Xanax .25 mgm prescribed to use as need up to 3 x day. Now I have never taken it 3 x day. I have taken an occasional 1/2 tab when I felt I just couldn't stand it. I took the 1/2 tab once a day during the first week or so probably almost every day--the psyche doc had advised that I take it in the beginning of the Remeron automatically without waiting for the anxiety to kick in. Her reason for this was she said initially the Remeron might cause the anxiety to increase. She said once the Remeron has kicked in I should not feel the need for the Xanax & would know I didn't need it as it would make me too tired. I have not noticed that I am more groggy if I do take a half of a Xanax...Xanax just makes me feel more "normal". But then again I only take that little dose ( 1/2 of a .25 mgm).
I am feeling like I need it today but I am going to take a shower & see if getting busy takes the edge off first.

You have not noticed any appetite increase ? What it did for me is let me experience hunger again. I totally forgot what it felt like--very disturbing. Was forcing myself to eat ...thoughtb I would gag with every bite. Now I am able to eat although it was very hard to get the weight to start coming back on. Even with the return of hunger, I had to force more food than I ever would have eaten before. Just seems I've been burning calories--metabolism must be so keyed up. Now I am up to 110 lbs ( was down to 103 - 104 lbs). I am tiny-- 5' 2" and small frame so this is just fine & I really don't want to put anymore weight on. I just wanted to know that I COULD......that I am healthy & not dying ! It was very scary for a while. All my adult life I have had to work at keeping my weight under 125 lbs--so this is totally weird for me. I'm not sure if the weight loss issue was from the gallbladder sickness or anxiety--probably a combo of both I suppose.

I suspect the Remeron is just starting to kick in for should feel hungry soon. Expect that the anxiety may be a problem from the Remeron until it is fully working in 4-6 weeks. I'm on week 7 and I think I am probably as good as it gets at this dose. Will know more when I see psyche doc on 7/18 & will share with you. I am so afraid she will say go to 30 mgm. In my mind the more of this stuff I get into me , the harder it will be down the road to get off.........worry, worry, that's the stuff I'm made of...

Hope you're having a good day. Glad you slept well. I have a hard time getting myself up to bed ( am a nite owl), but once I do I sleeeeeep.

Kate anxiousinnj
Hi Kate, I'm just curious. What does your anxiety FEEL like when it hits? The reason I ask is because I wonder if it's the same for all of us. For me, my heart and mind start racing to the point that I can't control them. I get this general feeling of massive doom that's so startling it convinces me that I'm going to die. How high does my heart rate go? This time around it doesn't seem to be as bad (although it feels worse), usually just slightly above 100 bpm, but the last time I went through this, where I had two months' worth of medical tests, it registered as high as 160 bpm on a holter monitor!! I thought for sure I must have done major damage to my heart with such prolonged tachycardia, but I read somewhere that your heart can beat at 200 bpm for days, even weeks, at a time without sustaining any real damage. Of course, I don't want to be the one to put that theory to the test, but its good news for us worriers. Before this latest bout of anxiety hit, I had remarked that my heart rate was sometimes as low as 58 bpm. What a drastic turnaround.

Back to the Remeron, no, I can't say that I've noticed any appetite increase, but I am back to being able to eat a little better. I'm still never hungry, but I'm not gagging on the food I'm making myself eat anymore! Guess we share that in common too. I'm the same size as you, 5'2" but not small-framed. I've always had to exercise daily to keep my weight down. On my visit to the doc last month, I was 131 pounds. That's a little more than I'd typically like to be, but knowing I had a long road ahead of me, I was heartened to learn that if I lost a few pounds, it wouldn't be so dramatic. Last anxiety bout, I think I started at 137 and ended at 117, but I let things go a long time that go-around before I sought medical attention.

I decided to take the Remeron for the same reason you did: to get my mind in a better place so I could focus on CBT. I've got insurance issues too. I have to pay the first $1,500 out of pocket and my psychologist options are very limited. Amazing how my generic version of Remeron costs $15 a month while CBT costs $135 a session. What the insurance companies don't understand is that when it comes to anxiety, straightening out the mental issues that cause it is much cheaper in the long run than all the unnecessary medical testing a lot of us put ourselves through.

I have not taken a clonazepam since starting the Remeron, so I'm not sure if the two affect one another. I got no warning from my pharmacist about taking the two together. If I recall correctly, the only thing Remeron does is make the benzos more sedating. When my anxiety is at its peak, sedation is a Godsend, but of course I don't want to be sleeping my life away! I need to get back to focusing on work and trying to be happy. It really sucks knowing that I have such little control over my mind that I can land myself in anxiety and depression land so quickly.
Hi Liz, Thanks for sympathizing. Remeron is an AD that's in a class of its own, supposedly with fewer side effects than SSRIs. I think its a tetracyclic and I have to say I've not really experienced any SEs with it, not even the one I was hoping for--increased appetite. At this point, weight gain would not be a bad thing for me. Remeron supposedly works on both serotonin and norepinephrine. I'm still resisting the clonazepam, but I know I have it to fall back on if things get out of control.

Hi Kate, please do let me know if the 30mg increase in the Remeron keeps your appetite up or increases it even more. I suspect that my doctor will recommend the same dosage increase when I see her next Friday. I too have read that you need to be on 30-45mg to see the antidepressant effects. 15mg is usually prescribed as a sleep aid. I've also read that the sleepiness isn't as high on higher doses. I hope if I increase I'll still be able to sleep. That's one of the only positives I'm experiencing from the drug thus far.

I had my first psychologist appointment today, with another one (at my request) on Friday. This one was just the "getting to know you" stage but she said she plans to teach me a "Big and Little" coping technique on Friday. I have a lot of unresolved trauma from my past that both of my therapists believe is contributing to my problems. They both also seem to think I'm slightly depressed, so I think the Remeron is probably a drug I'll be on for 6-9 months too, barring any side effects at higher doses and assuming it helps me. IF (big if) it's going to help me, then I'm certainly open to taking it for that long, despite my initial qualms. CBT might be cheaper than your doctor. Mine charges $110 for a 45-minute session. Once I hit my deductible, I think I only have to pay $22 a session. The thing I hate about the drugs and the therapy is that you have no guarantee either will work. There should be a better way of dealing with anxiety!!
Hi Kate, just wanted to give you a quick update to let you know I just got back from my first real CBT session. It went very well, although I suspect it wouldn't be for everyone. I was taught the beginning phases of a technique called Big and Little, which my psychologist developed by combining several psychological theories. I'll explain more later (gotta get some work done first) but it basically entails engaging in reasurring conversation with your 5-year-old self on the basis that adult anxiety all stems from feelings you had back then before the cortex of your brain was really functioning. It's quite fascinating, and in my case, I can very much see how unresolved childhood issues contribute to my current anxiety. I had what I consider my first real health anxiety bout when I was 11, following the death of my grandfather. He died of a heart attack, and for months afterward, I was convinced that I was having a heart attack too. That lasted until I drove my mother nuts enough that she dragged me to the doctor, who reassured me that my heart was fine. Oh, if only it were that easy now. Of course, back then, I thought a heart attack was the *only* thing that could kill me. Unfortunately, now I know better! I'll try to do a little write up of the notes the psychologist made for me later on today.

Take care,

Kathy's the gist of today's therapy session. I'll be watching for my $50 check. ;o)

Big and Little—operates under the premise that adult anxiety stems from relational trauma experienced before the age of about 8–9, when the part of the brain that controlled your thoughts coincided with your limbic system. Anything that was perceived as a threat to your survival during this period of life (something as simple as your mother leaving the room) is considered a relational trauma. My therapist stressed that this has nothing to do with bad parenting…that you could have “the Pope and Mother Theresa for parents” and still have experienced significant relational trauma.

Now the first phase of the technique…

Picture your five-year-old self standing five feet away from you. Whenever you feel anxious throughout the day (no matter how often), assign all intense feelings to little you. Ask your five-year-old self, “What’s going on, Little? What is this reminding you of from when you were little?”

We haven’t yet gotten to the stage where the actual traumatic events are uncovered. Because cognitive development was not high enough yet at that age, a lot of this can’t actually be “remembered.” So eventually the therapist is going to teach me how to emotionally recall them. The focus, however, will be on the following four emotions: anger, fear, sadness and happiness.

Once you associate your current feelings with something from your childhood, you engage in a two-step process:

1. Validation: You tell five-year-old you, “Okay, Little, I understand what you’re upset about.” (You identify the emotion and then you conjure up images from the past in order to “re-feel” them. This leads to catharsis.)

2. Reassurance: Once you’ve re-felt the emotions, you tell your five-year-old self…

A) Little, how about if you let me (Big) handle this?
B) Little, regardless of what happens, you and I are okay; we’re cool. I love you unconditionally. (This part is very important because the parental reassurance you got as a child to help you through your upsets is absent in your adulthood.)
C) Little, let me gently remind you that it’s 2006—not (the year you were five). You can never be that “undone” again because you have me now.

Where is all this going? Well, society dictates that when you reach the age of eighteen, you’re supposed to magically transform from Little you into Big you, someone who can handle anything that’s thrown at you. In reality, that never really happens. Little you is still very much present. So what this technique attempts to do is to overcome Little you’s relational traumas so that s/he can be put into the background and Big you, whose cognitive thought patterns are fully developed, can finally take over.

Now, I asked why some people have anxiety issues and others don’t and my therapist said that those who suffer from anxiety as adults usually share similar natures. Specifically she mentioned that anxious people were often empathic children…that they felt others’ emotions (pain and joy) more than other children do. They were often also reliable children, and as a result, their parents felt that they could handle more things on their own than siblings could and thus were not given as much attention.
Hi Kate, I actually can (sort of) relate my current anxiety to events in my childhood. I've always been a somewhat anxious person, but it never became debilitating until I hit my 30s. Like you, I wonder if perhaps it is somewhat hormonally related. I had pretty severe cases of separation anxiety from my mom. First (going by what other people tell me here), when I was one year old and my mother left me to go into the hospital to have my brother. I had just started talking in full sentences and completely stopped while she was gone. Then, when I started school, I had a lot of trouble too. When I started full-time in 1st grade, I even had to take a pill in the morning because I had an upset stomach every day. I got over it after that (and went on to love school), but other things made me really anxious growing up that other kids would never have thought twice about. I too was the oldest and I definitely was the reliable one.

I'm not supposed to do too much talking to my Little Me yet. I'm just supposed to let her hang out with me for the next week (so we can get to know each other LOL) and whenever I'm anxious assign my anxiety to her. The therapist explained that because everyone jumps to help a young child who is hurting, when we hand over our anxiety to our Little Me, we will want to comfort her. I'm guessing, in so doing, we are comforting Big Me as well. It's all an interesting concept and I actually pulled out some pictures of me at five to help me with the exercise.

I'm actually feeling a little better since beginning therapy. I can't say that I'm really hungry yet, but I'm eating quite a bit better. The severe anxiety has been gone since I started the Remeron, but I don't really think the two relate all that much. I think because I actively sought help for the problem and was no longer entranched in it was all I needed.

I've been meaning to ask you a somewhat odd question...have you noticed that you have to urinate less since starting the Remeron? Before I started taking it, one of my health obsessions was urinary urgency and frequency. Now I'm finding I can go hours and hours without the urge to go...almost like I was in my 20s before I ever experienced anxiety. I read over the side effects thoroughly and I don't see that listed, so I'm just curious if it's just me. I seem not to be responding to the drug the way the majority of people do. Guess I'll have to mention it to my doc when I see her next week.

Oh yeah, and don't worry about taking an occasional Xanax to get you through the dosage increase. Being functional is more important than stubborn pride. I'm confident you won't turn to it unless you have to and you can't become dependent on it when you're only using it occasionally.
What dosage are you on? I've been on 15mg for almost 3 weeks and haven't noticed anything like that. The first few nights, I did have some pretty vivid dreams though. Are you taking it at night? Because it's so sedating, that's the recommended time. If not, try doing so. If you are then I'd mention the side effect to your doctor if it's bothering you.
Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the update--let me know how you feel as you wean off.
If you haven't touched the Klonopin in a month, I would say you are getting things under control.....time will tell if the Remeron was really helping in that department, although...from what my psyche doc had told me, the first few weeks would have additional anxiety, which you don't seem to have had...a good thing.

I've been somewhat disappointed this past week...feeling an increase in what I am assuming is anxiety, but it may be physical symptoms from my other health issues causing me more anxiety...or the change in Remeron dose to 30 am I to tell unless I, like you, wean back off?
So, now I wait until my next appt in mid August. I figure by then, if it was due to the increase in Remeron dose I should be accustomed to it by then. If I am still getting these weird sensations of anxiety creeping in by mid August, I think I will wean off & see how I feel. This is such a long process & I feel I am wasting my life away with this. I took half a Xanax yesterday afternoon & had several hours of feeling normal...felt wonderful. I raced around here trying to get things done that I just can't when I feel the anxiety smothering me.

For me there are also family issues, mainly ill parents which is mentally & physically draining...too much to bore everyone with here...
It is also health anxiety issues & exhaustion from dealing with the health issues. These are real health problems, not imagined ones...lupus, glaucoma which is now not under good control ( it was, but now eye pressure back up & I am out of eye drops to try so surgery is next...), skin cancers which I am over due on having followed up on...just tired of doctors appts.

well, I am going to "try" to get my act together & take my dtr to the ebach for a while. Even that gives me anxiety because of the rituals I have to go through to avoid the sun, but I am going to do it.

sorry this is so long--please do let me know how you make out over this next week--I am hoping you will feel fine & have a handle on things without the darned drugs !

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