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I've been trying to ride it out--my first time on any type of AD. I was having SEVERE anxiety/panic which I guess also pushed me into somewhat of a depression--just couldn't function ...a lot of medical problems added to the mess.
Everything I've read says it takes a while, so I've been trying to be patient. But today I just felt I can't stand it anymore--the anxiety is surfacing & I'm jumping out of my skin. I took half of a Xanax ( .25) this afternooon & it took the edge off, but I'm getting weird again. My husaband asked if I wantd to go out tonight & I couldn't even think about how I would pull myself together & look & act "normal".
My next appt with psyche doc is 7/18--don't think I can make it. But alsonI'm petrified of withdrawal effects if I wean--how did I get into this mess?

Any advice gratefully accepted......Has anyone weaned off Remeron? If so how did you do it & how bad were the withdrawals? I am on 15 mgm/day. I'm also afraid I will be even worse off the Remeron & have to start all over again with something else? I just want this feeling to go away !! I have no one here to talk to who would understand--everyone is happy, jolly & well adjusted ...

Even though I haven't had any experience with AD's until now--it seems to be the consensus that you need to give it time tonreally see if it will help.
I just feel I've given it 6 + weeks & I don't like where I'm at at all, in fact anxiety was worse today than in past few weeks.

My psyche doc did prescribe Xanax which she advised me to use up to 3 x day especially in the first few weeks as she said the anxiety can worsen when first on an AD. She said I would know when I didn't need it any more as it would make me feel too tired along with the Remeron. Well, I've only taken half of a .25 mgm Xanax here and there, not everyday, but today was horrible. I would think if the Remeron was providing good effect I should be getting less anxiety, not more.
I'm telling you this because if anxiety is your main problem, you may need something to help the first few weeks with the anxiety even if the Remeron is a good choice for you .

The first 2-3 weeks I was very drowsy & very hungry. Make sure you take it at will sleep well ! The hungry part was good as I was down to 104 lbs. Now up to 109 lbs. If weight is an issue--beware- I have eaten half of a blueberry pie, and several pieces of chocolate peanut butter bars & an enteman's donut today alone ! I am wondering if all this sugar is making my anxiety worse. It is an uncontrollable hunger for sweets with Remeron--maybe it won't affect you that way but for me it has.
I hope the Remeron helps you--don't be afraid of it ( I know how that feels) as I've been able to function for the most part...I just don't like how I'm feeeling past few days & am disappointed, today being particularly bad with the anxiety.

Trg247- if I am to wean off the Remeron, do you think reducing the dose by a 1/4 of a tab a week will be ok? I will be talking to my doc, but trust the people here more.
You say you are on a heavy cocktail now? You think it may be because you went off the Remeron cold turkey? What are you taking now if you don't mind me asking ?

Thanks for your help,
Kate anxiousinnj
Oh my gosh Trg247-- do you function ok on all those meds? Remember I'm new the medication end of this ride--not new to anxiety, but I have never explored the options of medication--just suffered with it. This time I just knew there was no way I could help myself if I didn't some how get the edge off.
I had no idea you could take that many meds all at once.....I have lots to learn I guess.

anxiousagain-- we sound similar in that I had this anxiety/panic issue quite badly about 6 years ago. It's a long nightmare story that I'm sure is familiar here--tons of tests, doctors, etc... founc I was in the midst of perimenopause so thought it was that ( still think the hormones juggle this anxiety issue up & down), then was diagnosed with Lupus & told Lupus can mess with your serotonin, so blamed it on that as well. I guess I sort of did CBT on myself....just talked myself through. Took a half Xanax when I absolutely had to drive or do something when I felt totally out of it, and somehow over the past few years it gradually got better.
I actually had the most unbelievable stress to deal with this past year & half & was afraid the anxiety/panic would re-surface but I seemed to be ok. But in April this year had my gallbladder out, was very sick & frightened afterwards & the episodes of anxiety & really bad panic atacks began. I too thought this time I have to get help & I was too sick to even think about talking to anyone about it like with a psychologist.
So, I guess I have improved somewhat, but the anxiety feelings keep coming back--stronger than the type you can just brush off.
If the Remeron was more effective I would have no problem staying on it for 6 months...I just am hoping to feel better than this , so will see what the doc says.
Is it gnerally that you eventualaly find one that works, stay on for 6 months or so & then wean off & you should be ok?
It seems so many people have been taking meds for years & constantly changing. Is there no hope for periods of relief?
This is all getting a bit confusing & I guess I'm just afraid of what I may have gotten myself into as I have other medical issues that are already overwhelming.....

thanks for listening to me ramble...
Hi Kathy,
Well, I did not take the Xanax & got myself busy & some how managed to get through the day. I spoke to my daughter & she insists she is fine. I did speak to her about the episodes of what appeared to me to be a bit manic when she was hom & explained to her that I really would feel better if shees a psychologist. She said this has happened before, but rarely. She is not alone--she is living with her good friend who is older & her friend's Mom & Dad live very near by & are close to my daughter. She has spoken with them about the panic & they are watching over her closely. I just hope it doesn't escalate & I want her to get help before it gets worse.

It sounds like the Remeron may be helping you....and it probably has helped me somewhat. The anxiety hits but somehow I seem to get myself past it & keep moving. I suppose that IS imporvement. I guess I just hoped to feel totally normal again quickly ! From what I am reading on these boards, that doesn't sound likely but one can hope.
I am also upset with myself for giving in & taking the Remeron. Intellectually I know that is a wrong attitude to take........but what I am afraid of is getting caught up in this medication nightmare & never getting any better.I suspect that is the issue with you as well.

Maybe we should cut ourselves some slack........accept the help of the med ( which you are doing better than I) & be optimistic that we will be better soon. I thought if I typed that I will maybe begin to believe
I am envious that you are going to start real therapy.
When I see my psyche doc next week I am going to ask her what she suggests as far as me adding therapy ...maybe she can suggest someone good.I also need to know how good it can possibly get on the Remeron. I'll try to think positive......
And I really do not want to gain any more weight......and all I can think about is sweets. Had a chocolate milkshake for dinner. This junk food saga must end. I know I am not dying ( thought I was when unable to gain an ounce ) so ok--I want to still fit into those size 4 jeans.
Trust me when the Remeron kicks, you will eat ! But I do sympathize with the lack of hunger--it is frightening. You will get your appetite back.
I wonder if you lose your appetitie when you wean off the Remeron?
Another question for the doc...

HOpe tomorrow is a good day for you.

Please do share with me how you make out with the therapist. It sounds very promising & I am praying it will do the trick. I'll be right behind you !
Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the update--let me know how you feel as you wean off.
If you haven't touched the Klonopin in a month, I would say you are getting things under control.....time will tell if the Remeron was really helping in that department, although...from what my psyche doc had told me, the first few weeks would have additional anxiety, which you don't seem to have had...a good thing.

I've been somewhat disappointed this past week...feeling an increase in what I am assuming is anxiety, but it may be physical symptoms from my other health issues causing me more anxiety...or the change in Remeron dose to 30 am I to tell unless I, like you, wean back off?
So, now I wait until my next appt in mid August. I figure by then, if it was due to the increase in Remeron dose I should be accustomed to it by then. If I am still getting these weird sensations of anxiety creeping in by mid August, I think I will wean off & see how I feel. This is such a long process & I feel I am wasting my life away with this. I took half a Xanax yesterday afternoon & had several hours of feeling normal...felt wonderful. I raced around here trying to get things done that I just can't when I feel the anxiety smothering me.

For me there are also family issues, mainly ill parents which is mentally & physically draining...too much to bore everyone with here...
It is also health anxiety issues & exhaustion from dealing with the health issues. These are real health problems, not imagined ones...lupus, glaucoma which is now not under good control ( it was, but now eye pressure back up & I am out of eye drops to try so surgery is next...), skin cancers which I am over due on having followed up on...just tired of doctors appts.

well, I am going to "try" to get my act together & take my dtr to the ebach for a while. Even that gives me anxiety because of the rituals I have to go through to avoid the sun, but I am going to do it.

sorry this is so long--please do let me know how you make out over this next week--I am hoping you will feel fine & have a handle on things without the darned drugs !

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