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Gosh Kate, I'm so sorry to hear that you're still battling the anxiety. Yeah, I too sorta get that "deafening" feeling when the anxiety hits, but for me that's all part of the overall "out of touch with reality" paranoia I experience. And I can totally relate to the hospital visit making it worse. I've never spent a night in the hospital, but seeing as how my anxiety is precipitated by health concerns, the fact the I *might* be confined to a hospital is enough to send me into a tailspin.

I have to say that I've not had any real major anxiety attacks since I started the Remeron a week ago, but I'm not convinced that's because of the Remeron. While I'm waiting to get in with another psychologist (I have an appointment next Wednesday) I've been reading a book another psychologist recommended to me: The Anxiety and Panic Attack Workbook by Bourne. It's given me a lot of coping strategies to practice in the event another major attack strikes. It calms me down just to turn to it when I feel edgy these days.

Knowing that I have clonazepam to turn to as a last resort has eased my mind a bit as well. I'm totally resisting though for precisely the reason you've cited: I fear the withdrawal anxiety from the benzos might be worse than what I'm enduring now. I'm a hard head, so I tell myself either get a handle on this yourself or take the easy way out and depend on a pill. Usually that's enough coaxing for me, although not always. I'm upset enough that I agreed to the Remeron.

Back to the Remeron, I will say that from day 1 I was a skeptic in regards to ADs, but my severe anxiety had spiraled into pretty severe depression. That's when I relented and decided to give them a go. I'm still feeling pretty down on myself (and darn it that appetite has still not returned; I can only dream about craving a half of a blueberry pie) but I have noticed a slight lift in just one week. It might just be because the Remeron is helping me sleep better (lack of sleep makes me feel like I'm going crazy even without the added anxiety), but I'm going to stick with the Remeron for the time being. Things were definitely worse without it for me.

When I spoke with my new psychologist today, I asked her point blank if she's had success with patients who were experiencing SEVERE anxiety. She said yes. I also told her that I'm looking for *quick* results and she said her approach is one that should help me to achieve just that. I'll let you know how things go with her. I liked my last psychologist quite a bit, but she was old school, dredging up all the demons in my past, without giving me any real coping skills. Quite honestly, I think that approach has a lot to do with why I became depressed. In any event, knowing that I am doing everything I can to beat this awful affliction (or whatever you prefer to call it) once and for all is helpful.

Hope the Xanax helped and that your daughter is okay. I'm sure she's fine and that you're just worrying about nothing.

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