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ya i am going to a new neurolgist the 21st at the layhee clinic its suppose to be really good over there i think celexa made me more anxious im not sure its hard to tell and it sure didnt helpmy lighthededness what were your symptoms before you were on anything ?like right now im not that lightheaded for a switch but im sure itll come as time goes by im not on anything yet today im afraid to start zoloft lol i dont even know if anxiety is the root of all this nightmare do you feel out of it like a lightheaded feel like you could pass out so what were symptoms to begin with
My symptoms to begin with were nothing really physical. I was really scared to fly so I cancelled a flight and my doc said it was obsessive compulsive of me and that I should take Zoloft for my anxiety. I was having heart palpitations...I worry alot about my heart, that is why I went to the doc in the first place.

Once I started taking Zoloft, I started getting headaches, ringing in the ears, extreme pressure on my head, memory loss, lightheadness constantly, going off balance.....and now I am not sure if its the Zoloft or if I have a brain tumor. I'm thinking things can I be sure its the Zoloft? Its probably a brain tumor.

I'm going to go see a doctor asap because I am so worried about it I can't think about anything else. I was never THIS bad before the Zoloft!!!

I've been reading all about Zoloft the past few days though and it seems to work wonders for people. I'm sad it hasn't been that way for me. :confused: But hopefully it will work well for you!

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