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Well, as for being jumpy, that is a symptom of anxiety. I read somewhere that being easily started is a symptom of anxiety.

As for muscle twitches, I get them and my husband gets them and I assume they are normal. Right before you fall asleep you all of a sudden jerk? I think, from my experiences, that it happens to everyone.

As for constantly needing to move, have you ever read up on Restless Leg Syndrome (i know, another ailment,what more do we need)? Its harmless from what I remember. I have a thing where when I get really tired, for instance at the cinema, I can't sit still and need to constantly move my leg or something. It always happens late at night. I don't know what it is,but I don't worry about it.

Just try to take your mind off it until you can get a professionals opinion on everything. I know its not that easy...but I'm willing to bet you are fine!!! Anxiety causes symptoms and meds cause symptoms and also, bodies aren't always going to feel 100% perfect all the time. Every ache and pain is not a deadly disease....I know I need to practice what I preach lol. But, I can tell you are really stressed and from an outsider's perspective I bet alot of it is anxiety and not a disease. Take care!

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