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One doc I went to thought I MAY have an anutonomic disorder because I have a history of rapid heart rate. It is a normal rhythm, it is just fast. It is worse when I stand, sometimes it is brought on by just standing or doing VERY mild exertion like brushing my hair! Sometimes I feel faint standing, too, so it is important to stand very slowly, yes, that makes you look sort of elderly sometimes, but it helps your body adjust to being upright. The cardiologists who looked at my EKGs and things don't feel that any further testing is warranted right now, they think I just have a sensitive heart that beats fast sometimes (I also get "skippy" heartbeats). I do take a beta-blocker for the rapid heart rate. The thing with the autonomic disorders is that almost all the symptoms can be caused by anxiety, other health issues, or they can be normal. For example, the change in your blood pressure is rather mild. Our blood pressure and pulse are dynamic, they are supposed to change when we move so that they can keep our bodies going. A jump of at least 30 beats from sitting to standing MAY indicate an orthostatic problem, but most "dysautonomics" report much more severe changes. Orthostatic changes are not necessarily from dysautonomia, though. It can be from dehydration, which is VERY common, or from an illness, or a lot of other things, and again, the bp and pulse are supposed to change somewhat. I understand your concern, though, and I still kind of wonder if maybe I have the POTS form of dysautonomia because of my tachycardia, plus the fact that even though I'm in good physical condition, I get very tired standing, I get spells of blurry vision, and other similar symptoms. The thing is, though, dysautonomia won't kill you, and the treatments for people with our types of symptoms are medications that can cause awful side effects and some simple lifestyle changes. I make it a point to drink plenty of water and get lots of electrolytes from drinks like Gatorade. That always makes me feel better. I find that I don't get that feeling like I'm about to pass out upon standing when I stay hydrated. You can read up on the dysautonomia websites about the lifestyle changes. It wouldn't hurt to do some of those, but remember not to diagnose yourself! And again, even if you and I both have dysautonomia, it would be a long road to even getting a diagnosis (if we EVER did) unless we had symptoms such as truly passing out, and even that would likely have to happen more than once.

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