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Well this is just my experience with heart palps. There have been times in the past where I felt like my heart was beating hard or fast but I wasn't too uncomfortable and never thought much of it. but.... In November of 2005 I woke up and felt as though my heart was beating out of my chest an hour later when it was still there and i was sweating and breathing hard I called the urgent care and they had me come in. By the time I saw the dr I was 2 hours into this and having no relief. I had already checked my pulse ( using the stop watch on my cell phone LOL). I checked my neck as it is easier to feel the beats there. I was coming up with over 160 each time. Normal standing heart rate is between like 70-100. 90's can be a bit high depending on your normal standing rhythm. So get your normal rhythm once in a while when you feel fine. Count the beats for 10 seconds on a stop watch and multiply it by 6. Or count for 15 seconds and multiply it by 4. If you dont have a stop watch you can use your clock and count for an entire minute if need be and use that number.

When you have an episode wait a while and if it doesnt go away within a few minutes ( like 15-30) check your heart rate and take a note of it. If you keep having episodes too often and they bother you call your Dr and maybe get a referral to someone who can give you an event monitor. It is similar to the holter one but you where it for 30 days and press a button when something happens. It goes back 15-30 seconds and catches that heat rate plus the next 2 minutes I think. If you have these episodes at least once a month you should be able to catch one for the dr. And it records like and EKG. Once the transmission is made if the place receiving it believes it is an emergency your DR will be paged and you will be given a call. If it is nto alarming then your dr will still get a complete report ( just like an EKG) and will review it and see what is up if anything. It is all quite high tech and neat.

Anyway in November when I had mine it actually took meds to bring it down. It had gotten up over 200 and I was in bad shape. The shot they gave me was horrible it actually stops your heart and starts it back up again at a normal rate. I had an EKG done while it was going on and it was abnormal. but all my other tests ( nuclear stress, heart ultrasound etc) all came out fine. I do however have borderline high cholesterol and VERY high triglycerides so yes I have reason for concern.

I had another really bad episode last week and it lasted over 2 hours and my heart rate was over 170. I needed a beta bring it down. Even if your rapid heart rate is anxiety related they are nto good for anyone especially if they last as long as mine. A few minutes or so is not going to hurt you but your heart can not work that hard for a really long time it gets tired and can hurt you. So even if you get some anxiety meds like xanax to help or even a beta blocker script like I have to slow it down when it gets like that for a long period. get some relief. But it could be nothing ( and most likely is) but that is why a 30 day even monitor is great!! A dr can tell you if your heart rate is even elevated or abnormal. Just becasue it feels like your heart is racing doesnt always mean it actually is. I know that sounds strange but I used the event monitor for 30 days and pressed the button a few times and not one of those times was my heart rate out of normal range even though I totally felt it was. Now that I can really feel the difference between slight heart rate elevation and real Tachycardia episodes I am more prepared on how to handle it. Like right now I feel a big light winded and tight chested and maybe a tiny but heart racing. I check my pulse and it is 96. Yes a bit on the high-side of normal but not alarming or a problem at all. but seriously I used to think this was horrible till I went into SVT( super ventricular chitchat) then I thought I would die.

If this is jumbled or you have any other question just make a message directly to me and ask away. I would love to help if I can.


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