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I took both for a week back in early June so I know exactly how you feel. :)

The Lexapro started kicking in after about 2 weeks and until then I was taking Xanax 3x a day to calm down my anxiety. After about a week I was down to 2, then 1, a half dose, and now I have it just in case. After a month I felt completely normal and sometimes better then I've ever felt in my life. Went back to the Dr and I'm going to be on it for the next 3 months.

Best advise I can give is don't expect the SSRI to kick in overnight. It's sort of like tossing grass in your yard and if you sit there staring at the ground waiting for it to grow with a magnifing glass you're only going to drive yourself even more crazy. In a few weeks you'll see the results and use the Xanax only if you need it.

Take walks, meditate, and just try to relax until then. As for those reoccuring images running through your mind whenever they come up just pass them off like a regular thought and don't dwell on them. Say "Eh...just a thought" and replace it with several positive images of a vacation, time you really enjoyed, or girl/guy you have the hots for. Eventually the positive will push out the negative the more you program your mind with those images.

Think of your brain like movie projector roll and every thought is a piece of filmstrip. When you hit pause on a certain image you're setting it up to recure over and over and that memory will eventually begins to consume you with fear. The more you pass it off the less those will start having effects on ya. ;)

Hope this help,

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