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For me, I feel VERY restless, nervous and jittery. Then add to that the other miscellaneous physical symptoms such as tight muscles, PVC's, muscle twitches and insomnia.
Urg, well here goes. Heart will start beating faster and really heavily (like I can feel it shaking my body almost) until it is so fast I can't feel the pulse any more, either that or it will go so slow it almost seems to stop. Then I get pins and needles usually down my left hand arm and a strange kind of stinging pain that radiates up into my head and makes my head feel almost pressurised, very weird pain, very intense. I can go cold and start to shiver or I can sweat. Sometimes when I breathe in I get a stabbing like pain on my left hand side and often all the muscles in my neck shoulders and down through my back ache (they often then ache for a day or so afterwards as well). I get so dizzy that my only option is to lie down or fall down, if I am out (which is not often due to Agoraphobia) I run to my nearest 'safe' place such as the car or my home. Sometimes my chest feels like I can't breathe like there is not enough room for me to take a breath or something is pressing on my chest and in my back it sometimes feels as though my lungs ache, a really cold achy feeling.

I get this pretty much 24/7, I don;t feel stressed all of the time yet the pain, symptoms are always there, they never go. I get Disassociation symptoms too which makes me feel like my eyes don't catch up when I turn or something, which makes me feel all the more dizzy.

I have probably forgotten something, but that is quite abit to be going n with!
I've had a panic attack pretty much all day, and I even took a Klonopin...:rolleyes: Generally, I have abdominal cramps that are constricting, and then ebb for a bit, my heart races, my breathing is quick, I get the smothering sensation in my throat when I swallow, my face is flushed, and my hands are freezing. This is for a daily panic attack. When I get REALLY bad, like I was this morning, I can barely move because I'm so paralyzed with the panic. The symptoms are just so intensified. I can't even really describe it, but my muscles just tense up, and I get frozen. When I'm like this, I tend to just stay in my bed, face the wall, and curl up in a fetal position. I just sit there, and all that gets me through is prayer and a Klonopin. I also usually rock back-and-forth, or trace a pattern on the bedspread over-and-over, or continually just rub my finger or toe on the sheet to calm me. I do this more so when I'm having a full-out breakdown, which also includes crying. I think that my coping mechanisms are really my Asperger's. It's a sort of "stimming," I think...
Well, let's see. I have different sorts of attacks, I've been having full-blown attacks off and on since about age 19 (I'm now 31), but I had isolated symptoms before that. I usually get a VERY strong urge to flee, like I have to get to my safe place (usually home if I'm away from home, or if I'm just out at a mall or something, I need to get to my car) I feel like I'm losing touch with reality, I may become dizzy, my heart will sometimes feel fluttery or skippy (that alone can set off an attack), I feel short of breath, sometimes I get a pressure in my left jaw or arm, sometimes I get a knot in my stomach, and sometimes I just shake and tremble all over, but most noticeably in my legs (I guess because they are large muscles, so it's more noticeable).
My anxitey feeds on my worst fears at that present time. It first started with the feeling that I couldn't breathe..and I relate that to the fact that I watched a lady pass away from a pulmonary embolism....scary....Then about 3 years ago, I was at at TGIFridays and was talking while eating....very bad manners I know, and I kinda choked on my food...ever since then, I have been a roller coaster of fear of choking. I lived off of ensure for weeks, even months maybe because I was scared to death that I would choke, even my throat muscles are tense and when I go to swallow I just freeze and I can't do it..I was even scared to chew gum for crying out loud! It subsided this past summer, kinda, because I was pregnant and knew I had to eat. Now that my DD is 9 months old, and I'm working my symptoms are returning. Especially at work because I am out of my "element". The Dr put me on Lexapro, but I'm hesitant on taking it because I had BAD side effects from Paxil...I'm just a big ole chicken. She also gave me Ativan to counter-act any adverse effects...Anxiety is a horrible makes me edgy and jumpy at the slightest things, irritable, tired, feeling exhausted 24/7...but yet I can't sleep at night...and I can't eat, again. It's a never ending cycle for me...I don't eat, my sugar gets low...I get scared and then I have an attack... When I have an attack I'm in a "fog" and can't think straight, I have the "I have to get out of here NOW" issue, I get really cold and I shake like a mini seizure, and when it does subside, I am physically exhausted and I get a migraine and I'm sensitive to light and sound and nauseated!!! I have to come to realize that I now avoid things that kick my anxiety into gear..It's crazy and I hate everything about it....

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