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Urg, well here goes. Heart will start beating faster and really heavily (like I can feel it shaking my body almost) until it is so fast I can't feel the pulse any more, either that or it will go so slow it almost seems to stop. Then I get pins and needles usually down my left hand arm and a strange kind of stinging pain that radiates up into my head and makes my head feel almost pressurised, very weird pain, very intense. I can go cold and start to shiver or I can sweat. Sometimes when I breathe in I get a stabbing like pain on my left hand side and often all the muscles in my neck shoulders and down through my back ache (they often then ache for a day or so afterwards as well). I get so dizzy that my only option is to lie down or fall down, if I am out (which is not often due to Agoraphobia) I run to my nearest 'safe' place such as the car or my home. Sometimes my chest feels like I can't breathe like there is not enough room for me to take a breath or something is pressing on my chest and in my back it sometimes feels as though my lungs ache, a really cold achy feeling.

I get this pretty much 24/7, I don;t feel stressed all of the time yet the pain, symptoms are always there, they never go. I get Disassociation symptoms too which makes me feel like my eyes don't catch up when I turn or something, which makes me feel all the more dizzy.

I have probably forgotten something, but that is quite abit to be going n with!

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