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I'm sorry you are going through such arough time. Agorop[hobia is the pits!!! I had this along with severe anxiety about 6 years ago & I didn't know what was wrong with me. Going to the mailbox to get the mail was a major chore. If I had to go to the corner store I had to take Xanax & have one of my kids with me. I tnever completely went away but did get better to the point that I could go to the mall by myself, but again...I really had to psyche myself & many times would get there & come back home. If I went shopping with my friend & she went off to a different part of the store & I turned to find her gone I would panic.

I was better for a few years & it is now back again, although I am refusing to become totally housebound ....I am forcing myself out, but it is so hard.
How long have you been on the meds? HOpefully they will kick in soon & you will begin to recover. Try taking small steps-- short walk in front of your house, then around the block ( that was a big one for me), etc...
Then try very short trips to the store. Even if you go, park the car walk in , through the store & out again--it will begin to give you confidence that you are ok. One day you will find you start looking at things that are on sale, then start trying on new clothes& you will feel so happy will get better.


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