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all antidepressants work differently on each person, and then some people may have simular results as the next person. I personally have tried paxil, zoloft, celexa, and lexapro. These are all pretty commonly prescribed. I know I did not give paxil much time for therapeutic results. I only took it for a month. Its usually about 3-6 weeks before these meds will kick in. When I got on Zoloft I did not pay attention to my weight, didnt exercise and ate a lot more than usual. Emotionally things were going great, but the weight gain is the reason I stopped. Regularly I am an average sized gal but if I don't watch my diet I will pack on the pounds. So I got off Zoloft. A few years later I got on Lexapro, and it worked great. Again I did not pay attention to my eating habits and packed on the pounds. I got off because of the weight gain. Then switched to Celexa a few years later. Celexa did nothing beneficial for me, didnt gain weight though so I stayed on it. Then all I felt was apathy so I got back on Lexapro a year later. This time on the lex, I was overly stimulated, talked non stop, was rude, and just didn't care about anyones feelings. I got off of Lexapro and got on Zoloft. This time on Zoloft I watch my weight, and eat healthy, and feel excellent. Now it may sound like I bounced around on meds, but there were years in between some and many years in between switching. Because Zoloft is working well for me and have a history of depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and ocd like symptoms...I feel like I definately benefit from Zoloft. Because of my history, I feel that it is wise for me to stay on this med that is working for me. A male friend of mine tried Zoloft and it caused manic type behaviour. On Celexa he felt he found the right on and was pleased with it. So each person is different, thats important to keep that in mind. Hope that my info was helpful. Good luck finding the right med, some people find one right away that works right, :) others have to do trial and error until they find the right one. Most doctors are very understanding about this and will help you along through it and be open to if the med is helping or not helping.

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