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Hi niki

Well whatever it is youhave then thats what i have also.

I remember talking to you about your symptoms and i have the same. i just went back to dr yesterday and he totally took me off topamax and gave me lyrica. my lightheadedness they have no idea why i am getting it. but i do have TMJ which they are 99% sure thats whats causing my headaches and possible the dizziness because the jaw joint is so close to the ear and when it gets inflammed it pushes on the inner ear which cause the off balance feeling.

If nothing showed up on the mri then im sure you are ok. your dr will go based by your symptoms to do the tests he thinks you need. but with the MRI it probably should of been with the contrast. but if you arent having siezures or vomiting then i dont think its tumor related. and also most people that have an unruptered aneurism dont even know it. they dont have symptoms and believe it or not very rarely they cause headaches. alot of people have them and never have a headache, aneurisms are normally found by routine head scans like ct scans by accident. and anyways they dont mess with them if someone does have one. they just watch it. i have the exact same thing going on with me and im still standing so just try to forget it i know its hard but when my heart rate was 143 sitting still i was going crazy. and i told my self "if i keep thinking about my heart its gonna go faster" and i simply forgot about it and its been a normal beat ever since. The brain is a POWERFUL organ. it can make you think everything is wrong. if you think hard enough about a fast pulse then its gonna happen. im sorry you are going through this. its hard i know. i worried so much at one time that i was gonna get a rash ( a symptom of something i was afraid i had but i dont) and i actually thought so hard about it that i sat there and watch my arms break out in hives. it was horrible. please try to be calm take a walk breath some fresh air. something to get your mind off this until this over! believe what your drs say. if you dont believe them you are gonna drive your self insane.

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