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im a 25/m in the Air Force, im currently stationed in Korea as a job is very stressful and not at all fun or rewarding, and it also has nothing to do with my overwelming crazy fearful i thought my marraige and my two kids were...again they were also not...i thought it was the fact, that im young and i had a stressful childhood again i believe that wasnt it...this problem heappened once when i was 8 for a few yrs and i slowly forgot about it...i was worried that i had a brain tumor and every lump was cancer...and my parents were going to die any day, i was had OCD pretty bad...relating evrything to everythin...kinda like a karma having to kick a rock 10times or i was going to die...weird stuff...then last yr about korea
it happened out of the blue...and im a happy person...i was a crazy drunk, having fun with all my buddies and having a blast at work...then one day I had a panic attack...and that was all she wrote..i didnt have a normal day for almost a yr...god what hell it was..i would literally shake..over everything...leaving my room was soo scary and even in my room i was still scared...i couldnt sleep, eat, read, play games, nothing...just freak tapered off as time went by, but eating, PT, regular stress,drinking, BORDEM, made it 10times worse..i capitlize bordem for a reason. anyways...i dont wanna take up too much of your time...but i tried the church, positive thinking, reading good things, telling myself im gonna be fine, none of that worked at getting rid of these thoughts...NONE...the mind is TOO powerful TO OVERCOME this least for me... I read a post here a couple months ago...I basiclly ignored was about magnesium..and she said it was a wonder vitamin...that cured not gonna lie..i thought she was an how could this be? a vitamin? i ignored it...and i struggled on though the days and weeks ....while shopping in the BX...i SEEN a bottle of MAGNESIUM+CALCIUM+ZINC..vitamins...for $ i bought it...
actaully after i read that post, i bought a bottle of those 1 a days...but i the first pill didnt do anything for me and im so i stopped taking them didnt have enough MAG in it im guessing.....
i took the first pill at night...i usually have a pounding heart and restlessness when i sleep..but not this night...for the first time in almost a yr my heart seemed rested...again werid..i was holy not scared...then forced myself to think about cancer and other crap and again my mind said i dont care...i was like[COLOR="Red"]REMOVED[/COLOR].. so i take 3 a day with or without food...since im soo busy, and i find my self FINALLY normal tired..normal sleep, normal thinking.....MAG..comes from vegtables, i guess green ones...i dont know i usually dont monitor the diet....and i eat no such things...i eat burger king and and pizza hut over and i drink a lot...witch i read robs you of this vitamin...SO YOUR EVERDAY EATING AND DRINKING HABITS DO CAUSE ANXIETY...The last 5 days have been great...and i still feel anxious sometimes...but its usaully only a short 5minutes and then i forget and its easy to forget...i had a bad day today..cause i was wasted last night...but im guessing thats normal for me...but IM NOT SCARED...and this pill working is not in my mind...cause i took the 1 a days once and nothing...i took the straight up MAGNESIUM pill and WALA im now im a healthy 150lb white male again..and i owe it all to that "idiot" lady that posted on here...if your reading this...THANK you soo much you were a big help for me...and i hope everyone reads this and at least tries the vitamin...maybe it will help you...
How much magnesium is in the supplement you are taking?
I was told by a very wise doctor a few years back to plan on supplementing with magnesium for the rest of my life....he said it's almost impossible to get what we need from our food ( the kind of food we eat today). He had me on some very high dose magnesium for a I take about 400- 500 mgm per day.
Does Magnesium actucally have calming properties in it? I have heard this and bought some but have never taken it. I currently take Ativan for anxiety and am looking for a healthier approach to cure it. The doctor today just gave me Celexa ontop of Ativan. Any help would be appreciated.
The big problem with me, is that many of my problems are g.i. related, and magnesium in any significant amount is a laxative, which i dont need.
Like others here, how much magnesium and the rest are you taking?
Also doctors are reluctant to help with this. Many people need magnesium injections because the pills are not enough to replenish. Yet the blood work will not show the mag deficit, so the doctors dont want to help with this.
I wish all of this would work for me. Especially the 2.00 supplements. Many times its just not that easy.
im taking..399mg a day...and today was another just feel normal, i had some thoughts about freakin out, but as quickly as the came they went away, even if im about the doctor saying about taking it for the rest of your life...well the food we eat has it in there, not as much but im sure if i changed my diet to include these foods, it would help, magnesium keeps your adrenaline in check, if you dont have it in ur system, the adrenaline will kick in super high, im still stressed out and still have the big stressors in my life, but now i can handle it like a normal person...
the pills taken 3 times a day...with a total of 399mg Magnesium...999mg of calcium, and 15mg of zinc....i dont see it as being a laxitive, my stuff has been normal...
im not gonna lie...if you bought it take it, i dont know if it will work for everyone, but i do know, you have to at least try it, it numbed my freaking out, trembling, depressed, crazy mind...and i thank god i found this..
thanks for this info I just might give this a try.I am a 13 yr anxiety sufferer its been off and on.I just deal with it now and I do have way more good days then bad because of positive thinking.Just would be nice if it was even easier.
:) Hi everyone, This information is great! I am wanting to try Magnesium but not sure of how much I should start taking. I know perhaps the dosage is not the same for everyone, but if anyone has any feedback on how much I should start taking I would reatly appreciate any information. Also should it be taken in the am or pm? Or does it even matter?

Looking forward to any response, thanks!

Ariom :wave:
you should take 399mg a day...i dont know if they sell Magnesium by it self, i havent seen it here in korea, its usually mixed with calcium and zinc..i dont know why either, im new to it.. i read a post somewhere where you can overdose on this stuff, but what ive read on websites is that its REALLY safe and you cant can take it all day, morning day and night...its the same stuff thats in your food...i actually took two pills this afternoon, im kinda absent minded sometimes, i forgot that i had taken it, and i feel no bad effects, there are no warning lables on the bottle so im assuming that its completly safe. good luck in trying it, i hope it works for you, let us know :)
:) Hi Stressedtohope, Hope I got your screen name right.....yeah thanks for the information. After i posted this morning, I did some research on the internet and it says to take anywhere from 350 to 399 mgs per day. So I have already gone and found some at a health food store. We shall see what happens, it can't hurt. Sorry you can't get any in Korea.
hey if you don't mind me asking, how long are you supposed to be in Korea? I bet it gets really stressful for you. But know this, you are doing something really great, and one day I truly believe things are going to be great. It can only be that way, at least that is what I want to believe. Good people deserve good things! I will let you know how the magnesium works, I am sure it is going to take a bit before I notice anything. but we can still talk if you like. Sometimes having someone who goes through the same things can relate. Stay in touch.

;:wave: Ariom :wave:
this thread needs to be bumped...just incase knowone has heard about it ...cheers
thanks for the info. it always nice to believe something that simple can help us out. I'm heading to Walgreens to get me some today. I'll keep my trusty benzo by my side just in case. I'll report back.

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