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I'm a 20 year old female from Louisiana. I have 2 kids (22months, and 3 months), and a boyfriend of 3 years. I have been diagnosed with ADD and I was put on adderall xr 20mg. It helps with the add. Ever since my sencond child has been born Ive been so stressed out and I'm not sure if it has something to do with postpartum depression or my add or what...but its not normal. Any little thing stresses me out. I get the shakes really bad......i have a rash on my legs that i dont know if it is stress related, i bite the inside of my lip until it bleeds, I literally pull my hair out when it gets too bad, and i have no patience with my kids anymore and thats what i hate the most. I also get an upset stomach and cant hold much of anything down when i feel liek that; and there has been a couple of days i was so stressed or anxious or something that i loaded the kids up to go to town for something and by the time i got there i had no idea what i went for.....and i cant hardly remember the past week or 2 in detail or nothing like that. But that only occurrs when i'm at witts end. I feel like I'm daily on the verge of a nervous breakdown and sometimes i'm even convinced I'm loosing my mind. Ive consittered going to a councelor or something but theres nothing I can talk to them about too much because I dont know whats wrong. I want to be strong for my kids and I DO NOT want them to grow up seeing me like this, it breaks my heart to think about it. I mean is there anything you can take for this :confused: or any advice that would really help? I'm not sure if its just stress or something else but I need help bad so please anyone tell me anyting they think.


First, the disclaimer: none of us can diagnose you based on the little bit of information that we share over the internet, even if we were qualified. But, if you want [I]opinions[/I], I'll happily offer mine!

It sounds to me like you have really high anxiety levels. You sound extremely stressed. What you describe sounds much more like anxiety to me than ADD. What you need to know is that the Adderall you take for ADD may be making your anxiety worse (and it may be making it [I]alot[/I] worse).

Adderall does that to alot of people. If it were me, I'd skip a dose or 2 of Adderall to see if I felt less anxious. If that was true for you, then you should consult your doctor about weaning off the Adderall - I wouldn't stop it on my own as it might make you very uncomfortable.

God Bless You! With children as young as yours, you have every reason to be stressed. Try to get some exercise. It sounds trite, but it does help. Pack the babies in a stroller and go for a brisk walk. See if your boyfriend can occasionally handle the kids so that you can have an hour or 2 alone. Can you afford a babysitter occasionally to give yourself a break?

By the way, you don't have to know what's wrong to benefit from talking to a counselor. Just talking about how you feel and getting ideas on how to deal with it can help alot!

Take care, Mom!

Thanks for the reply. I'm going to the dr on wednesday and i'm gonna ask her if the adderall can intensify the way ive been feeling. I know i have ADD, but the adderall was treating it pretty good and has been for a while....and i never had problems out of it. And ive always been kindof an anxious person and definately depressed, and stressed out (everyone gets stressed though), but here for the past 2 weeks its been like 10 times worse. I do feel so anxious i cant sit down for worrying about chekcing on the kids every 5 mins. at night i get up every few mins to see if their hot or cold, turn the ac on turn it off cover them up and uncover them.......and before its all over with i dont get any sleep. I know its normal to worry a little but thats a little wierd. but if the dr thinks the adderall can be making it worse here recently then i think i would rather cope with unmedicated ADD than to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown all the time.........except the ADD made me kindof depressed because my brain felt like it was in a cloud or something. I dont know i'll just have to try a line of things i'm sure and i'll go with whatever works. Its made me feel soooo much better getting on this forum and talking to find out that i'm not crazy and that there is some peopel that have some of the same problems and that there is hope and treatment. thanks


How bizarre that your first post has disappeared and it now looks as if I started this thread! Weird.

Good luck to you, Jennifer. You've got alot on your shoulders right now!

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