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cvoor, The book, "Miracle Of Magnesium" says that depression and anxiety are helped by magnesium. Serotonin, which elevates mood, is dependent on magnesium. Magnesium also helps keep adrenal stress hormones under control. It also helps prevent or lessen rapid heart rate, palpitations, etc... which can lower someone's anxiety level. Magnesium certainly helped with my anxiety.

As far as overdosing goes, I'm sure too much of anything can present problems. A very general guideline with magnesium is take three times your bodyweight in milligrams. A 200 lb person would take 600 mg. A 115 lb person - approx. 350. I weigh 200 lbs but only take the daily dosage on the bottle which is 500 mg. I try to eat fairly healthy, but it could be better.

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