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Hi cvoor, I too am going to try magnesium especially after reading about others on this board. however like yourself, I ahd alot of questions on the dosage. So I did what I thought everyone would do, and that was use the pc and do some research, i googled and found a site, which i cannot mention, and it stated the daily average intake for men/women, and your age, for me which I am 43 yrs old and suffer from anxiety; no depression to mention(THANK GOD) says to take about 350 mgs a day.

As for you being on paxil, that dooes not mean you are never going to have another attack, I am not being rude by any means, just realistic. I have learned over theyears, these meds control them and help you function, but you are going to have days when you are going to have an anxiety/panic attack regardless of what medication you are on. Perhaps you had more of a stfressful day, all you can do is keep taking your meds. I have tried numerous ones, Paxil being one of them, my last attempt was Lexapro and before that celexa.........oh my god......they did nothing but make me more anxious and ed Depression is not a problem for me, so the last thing I was going to do to my mind and body was take that stuff.

Stay in touch, I know I am here for you and anyone who needs to talk orr for that matter just a listener, I have become really good at that.;) But you have to keep going, I know it is easier said than done. but I have hit rock bottom, not wanting to go out or do anything in fear of having anxiety/panic attacks in public. But for now I continue living life and not going to let this
H%^& get the better fo me.

:wave: Ariom :wave:

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