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[QUOTE=pleasantville]i keep reading about "small doses" of klonopin here. do any of you realize HOW potent klonopin is? .5mgs klonopin is equal to about 10mgs of valium. it is so strong that in the UK they ONLY prescrible K for seizures. it is very hard to taper from because there are no very low dose K pills. cutting .25 mgs of K is like cutting 5 mgs of valium and that is just too much to cut at a time.

i am 5 months benzo free after using valium to taper from 7years use of either klonopin or ativan. i tried a direct taper off K and went through hell. it took me 5 months to taper off 30mgs valium with minimal difficulty. why suffer when you don't have to.


Why then are the doctors pushing us to take Klonopin? I have been taking valiun 5mgs 4x a day for many years and it has helped. My doctor just switched me to Klonopin .5 mg 3 x a day. He said valium is an old drug and Klonopin will help me more. Doing the math I will be getting 30 mg vs 20 mgs of bezo now right? I do not want to stop taking the benzo because I suffer from Familer tremor and also have Anxiety attacks and have had both since I was a little girl. Valium did the job to help both and since it is so hard to find a doctor to RX them I don't want to tell my doc he is wrong. When I said in my first post that one .5 klonopin was a small dose to me it is small but to others it is not.

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