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While ive never been housebound as long as you have..I do knw what your saying.There was a time I never wanted to leave the house scared of something horrid happening to me.I also was always shy and VERY uncomfortable around others.I used to think (just like the poster above) oh this one doesnt like me and id worry why doesnt that ever come talk to me but does everyone else? on and on and on.Let me tell ya though now I just dont give a rip if this one or that one doesnt like me or doesnt talk to me OHWELL.Nobody can like everybody I certainly am not going to crawl into a hole because I think a few dont like me or think what I said was stupid.I used to do that go hide.Friends would call id avoid their calls scared to answer the call didnt want to have to explain to them "no i cant go out with you im too scared." Anyway,the posters before me are right on the power to get over this crap is all up in your head! I reconditioned my mind to be alot more positive...."this one doesnt like me i can tell" changed to "well they dont seem to interested ohwell moving on."......"people will think im dumb or weird." to......."im not such a bad girl and if so and so doesnt like me ohwell I certainly wont lose sleep over it." Those are some of the examples of how my thinking is now which is way different from before.This took time it didnt happen over night but it did work.So maybe it would work for you to.You say you have tried everything so why not try it out...cant hurt.Also now I wake every morning telling myself things like this ......"today is a whole new day I am healthy and strong.I want to make the most of this what am I going to do today?" Then I plan out things I am going to do or have to get done.I started very small but now its easy.........good luck to you!

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