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You are right, Niki. I do not know you. I have read through all of your posts. As best as I can understand, you have had blood work done that includes an evaluation of your glandular system, and all that was normal. You have had a brain MRI, which was normal. You have had your heart evaluated through various tests, and those were all normal. For all practical purposes, you have had every test performed that would render a diagnosis if your symptoms were an indication of a serious, life-threatening illness or disease. Yet nothing has shown up. This means your symptoms are being caused by something else.

I looked up the symptoms of panic/anxiety attacks, and found a huge list. Everything you have described (as best as I can remember) falls into this category. This is the list:

Electric current thru body Excessive perspiration
Rush of energy thru body Sweating hands
Tingling feeling thru body Giddiness / Light-headedness
Hot prickly feeling thru body Frequent need to urinate
Intense heat thru body Diarrhoea
Wave of energy thru body Sleeping difficulties
Ice cold moving thru body Night sweats
'Ants crawling' sensation Unexplained rashes
Dissociative symptoms Weakness in left arm
Depersonalisation /Derealisation: Effects
Feeling detached from body Lack of concentration
As if looking through a mist Extreme exhaustion
As if you are not real Loss of feelings and/or libido
As if surroundings not real Short term memory loss
Stationary objects appear to move Major Fears
Sensitivity to light / sound Fear of dying
Dizziness Fear of having a heart attack
Fight and Flight Fear of going insane
Heart Fear of losing control
Racing / Pounding heart Fear of embarrassment
Missed' heart beats Fear of making a fool of self
Breathing symptoms Digestive problems
Breathing difficulties Nausea and/or vomiting
Hyperventilation Churning / burning stomach
Tightening of the throat Indigestion
Choking sensation Other Symptoms
Muscle Tension Pins and needles
Chest pain Hot and/or cold flashes
Headaches Shaking
Neck pain Trembling
Lower back pain
Aching jaw
Muscle pain

I am not a doctor, but I am a bystander who can look at what you are saying objectively. While you are going through the various tests, please let me encourage you to seek professional, CONSISTENT help with someone who deals with matters of the mind, i.e., anxiety and panic attacks. All I am saying is that while you are thoroughly having yourself checked, don't forget to consider a psychological evaluation. This is all about getting well and doing what it takes to get there.

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