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Hi there! I was on vacation for a few days and just saw this. I actually posted on another one of your posts about taking a beta blocker. I tried atenolol and it dropped my blood pressure so much I spent two days on the couch because everytime I stood up I thought I was going to pass out. I have never taken toprol so I don't know anything about that one. I am on bisoprolol. I was on 5mg, but now I cut them in half after what happened last week with my heart rate slowing down so much. My cardiologist told me that bisoprolol was the weakest of all of the beta blockers and that is why he put me on that one. About two years ago I took inderal LA because my neurologist thought it would help with my lightheadedness. That one didn't seem to bother me either. See if you can try the bisoprolol if the toprol keeps dropping your blood pressure. Even if there is something physiologically wrong, at least the beta blocker will slow your heart rate and then maybe help you to not worry so much about it. At this point, I REALLY think it will help you. Don't be afraid to try something. I take mine at night because it does make me a little tired. Mornings used to be my worst time. I would wake up with my heart racing. Now I wake up and my heart rate is around 70-80.

Please keep me updated if you do go to an endocrinologist. I still don't think anxiety is my only problem, but since they can't find anything else wrong (and since I am still alive and well) I will just go with it for a while. I would really like to know if your endocrinologist finds something. I have to believe that even if we are suffering from anxiety (which I know I am) that there still can be a physical cause for it. I have just given up on seeing doctors for a while.

I feel so bad for you. About six months ago I was feeling the same way you are feeling now. I was so worried about everything. I still have worries, but not near as bad as I used to. Please hang in there. It WILL get better. I am on these boards all the time during the week so I will keep checking in.

Take care!


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