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I have had chest pains alert me out of a sound sleep before due to anxiety.I remember last year jumping out of the bed from sound sleep because of this BIG sharp pain in the middle of my chest it only lasted a few seconds scared the heck out of me.I have had anxiety/panic attacks in my sleep before sometimes id wake up in a cold sweat id be flushing all over too then cold hot then cold.I have had attacks plenty of times with no apparent trigger no anxiousness beforehand.Some people have triggers some it just happens..others just dont know the triggers.When I have gotten into a bad anxiety rut in the past most times whatever physical symptoms I had were there 24/7...I would worry about these symptoms and it would just become a vicious cycle of symptoms and worry and panic.Sometimes id worry so much id become obsessed ( hours of searching) with seraching the web by my symptoms just further scareing myself.My symptoms could of been sooooo many different things so this did me not one bit of good.The racing heart I did have that one time almost all day and night for several months.I remember sitting on my couch feeling my heart pound away it drove me crazy and I could hardly sleep at night.One day it just went away I am not sure if I did anything to stop it but I do know I wasnt worrying about it as much.
Not sure if I have helped any but I figured id share a bit.Good luck on your next tests!
nikigirl i have that same thing happen now and am seeing the heart dr to see whats wrong with me. every night wake up with a racing heart and my heart dr today said yes that anxiety will cause that. you can be asleep and have anxiety attacks. i have also had my family dr tell me that as well. so far all the tests they have done on me dont show anything wrong. so i guess even when your not feeling anxious and dont think your panicky you can be. i know every night i wake up in a panic and my hearts racing. i just tell myself calm down its nothing but anxiety and will turn the tv on to make myself stop thinking about what i am feeling.

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