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Anyone had any luck with a Mag/Calcium supplement, and Xanax as needed ??
I take Mag/cal/zinc, and also Atenolol every day, with Xanax as needed. My anxiety level has been pretty low lately. We'll see how I do with two vacations and a medical procedure scheduled for August! That'll turn up the pressure.
cvoor, The more I read about magnesium the more I'm convinced people need it, even if they don't have anxiety. I started taking a cal/mag/zinc supplement several months ago when I was having major problems with anxiety/panic and it seemed to noticeably take the edge off of my symptoms which included rapid heart rate and nervousness. Having those type symptoms diminished can bring about some hope and confidence, which can in turn, lessen the symptoms of anxiety even more. I continue to read about those type results on this site and others.
I take a specific brand, I'm not sure if it's ok to name the brand, so I'll just tell you that it's a magnesium supplement that uses magnesium chloride instead of some of the other mag formulations. Magnesium chloride is more expensive, but your body absorbs it much better. I think if you search magnesium chloride you'll find the brand name (it's a huge company that I have absolutely no interest or investment in). It's available in most large drug or superstores. The formula also contains calcium. The recommened dosage is 2 tablets daily, but I take 4-6 and I definitely notice a difference. I think it is reasonable that a person can get benefits from other mag supplements, too, but if the best absorbed and recommended brand is out there, might as well take that one (I saw it in my cardio's office, so that won me over, too).
Hi, just wanting some feedback on what I purchased at our health food store last night. Have read so much positive feedback on magnesium/calcium supplement so the gal there recommended a gel cap, contains 1000 mg. calcium, 300 IU of Vit.D, 500 mg. magnesium oxide and 15 mg. zinc. Am hoping I see some difference in my anxiety levels and just feel says to take 3 a day but not sure if I need that much. Any advice ? Thanks so much, have learned so much off this board.
dinney, My gel caps have the same ingredients except for 200 IU Vit D. I take three a day in order to get the 500 mg of mag. Some people only take about 350 mg a day with good results.
SteveGn~thanks for your input. I am so goosey about taking anything and worry about side effects that I just wanted to check with those of you that are taking it. Will talk with my dr. next week when I see her and tell her what I'm on and get her input also but keep trying them, certainly can't hurt.

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