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My anxiety started when I had my first "skipped" heartbeat. Like Leela, I tend to feel the crazy beats and it worries me. Through the years, I've grown accustomed to and can accept the odd skip here and there, but when I get a lot in a day or a few close together, that still throws me and causes me to worry. I also have tightness in my arm/jaw area that has scared me off and on for years now. I had an echo, a treadmill stress test, tons of EKGs, bloodwork during a couple of the episodes to rule out heart attack, and they say I'm fine, but my cardio said I could have that fancy new heart CT test if I wanted. He said I'm a 31 year old female and I've had these symptoms for so long, it's almost impossible that something is wrong with my heart. So yep, I know how you feel. From the day of that first skip, I became a "pulse checker". It waxes and wanes, I get better for months or years and I'm grateful for that!

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