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I am freaking out because i have had this symptom for about two years and my Dr. says its nothing. I constantly obsessing about health concerns. For example i am very light headed like every day so i think i have a tumor or im having little seizures that will eventually lead into a big one. Well anyway my question is does anyone get muscle twitching. The kind that dont move your limbs or your eyelids but the kind that twitches in the muscle belly and u can actually see them. I get theses everyday even if im not anxious. I also get the twitch not in my eyelid but actually my eyeball. I know that sounds weird but if im reading something or looking at something sometimes my eyeball twitches. I am confinced that i am getting MS or ALS or something. So if anyone gets this from anxiety or panic disorder please let me know. Iam also slowly cutting down my xanax which has something to do with my increase in physical symptoms i think
I'm actually happy to have discover another person who has them. Started getting them around age 18-19, swarms of twitches that looked like individual arteries (or nerves) pulsating up and down like a butterfly fluttering its wings ....I though my coronary artery was going to burst at any time. I got them almost incessantly all over (butt, legs, arms, face etc..), and it felt like 5 at once at times. It's not Lou Gehrig's or any other neurological illness. They didn't cause direct pain, but I latter had very painfull pins and needles senstaions..which can happen. This is a BENING condition, and will not harm your body in any way and will not become something worse. Anxiety brings them alive, and the more you worry about them the more numerous they'll become. Trick is don't worry about them now that you know you are OK. If you can't control your health anxiety I recommend taking klonopin (clonezapam)'s a heavy duty benzo, which is long acting (2nd to valium) and pretty potent. It's also a muscle relaxant used to treat seizures and tremors, and should get rid alot of your "twitches". Since knlonopin is strong try a low dosage first (It made me feel dizzy at first)....klonopin has a long half life..if you have sleep problems it can be used but it knocks me out for 11-12 hours (I sleep the normal 8 hours)..If you don't like meds, try magnesium and B-complex vitamin (not as strong as meds.) but have some therapeutic effect...make sure it's OK w/ whatever you're taking. The formal name is Bening Fasciculation Syndrome [COLOR="Red"]{Removed}[/COLOR], and it's linked to attention-deficit disorder and triggered by anxiety.

Good Luck+Don't freak out
yup, I get muscle twitches all the time. It is so annoying. I get them in my stomach area, my arms, legs and the middle of my chest. It is very annoying. The twitches in my chest freak me out bad. As soon as I start to feel it, I check my pulse.
a good way to keep them at bay is to keep hydrated
Am glad to see someone has the same problem I do.. I also have the muscle jumping in the chest... Seems like when I am under stress it gets worse. Went to Dr. and he put me on beta blocker. Seems to have helped the jumping. Still have it some times:)
Hi, I have been going thru alot of anxiety and I get muscle twitches all the time. I even have it happen where the lower part of my body feels like it is pulsating. Also I get muscle twitches and my husband gets them on his eyelids and it lasts awhile. So it is normal and it happens to everyone. Please try not to worry about it. Good Luck!

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