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Basically, you have to find a psychiatrist who knows how well benzos work for anxiety. I've never had a psych not prescribe me benzos, but I have pretty severe anxiety (though I get on with my life quite well most of the time). That said, if you or any close relative have ever had any sort of addiction problem, it will be nearly impossible to get a prescription for benzos as they have addiction potential in people more prone to addiction. If that doesn't apply to you, find another psych, tell him what has worked for you and you'll find one that is accomodating. I wouldn't go to a general practitioner, they tend to be very gun-shy about prescribing long periods of benzos, lest they come up for review or something. I have had one doc some years ago say "I'd like to lower your Xanax dosage" I calmly explained to him that while I was willing to try and lower it, should I have bad effects, I'd really like to go back up on the dosage since it worked so well for me and allowed me to get on with my life. If you are rational, well put together, and go in there looking well put together (but anxious) psychs tend to treat you with respect and allow room for your opinions on meds. But, as stated above, you will come across some here and there who are for some reason, vehemently against one class of drugs or another, and it's pretty much a no-win situation with them, that's when you probably want to move on. It's sort of like when I had a gp who didn't think I should be on cholesterol medication and absolutely refused to prescribe it, even though I'd been on it for two years and had just moved and was going to her for a new checkup. I found another doc. Take care, you'll get this sorted out.

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