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I had written you a reply yesterday, but it wasn't posted. The muscle twitches are bening fasciculations, they look like veins or nerves "fluttering" and can happen anywhere on the body. They are caused by anxiety, and are not a big deal (though annoying) They won't turn into something bad, if you can calm yourself down they gradually disappear. Magnesium helps, for a supplement, and as far as anti-anxiety, anti-twitching meds. klonopin is good for both. The formal name for it is BENING FASCICULATION SYNDROME.

The other stuff you are experiencing are migrane headaches w/ aura. Briefly put, your arteries to your brain are being constricted reducing the bloodflow. This leads to confusion, memory loss, extremely poor concentration, vertigo, dizzyness and nausea. Usually the migrane happens in 4 stages

1) you feel extremely tired and weak and may crave some foods

2) a few hours later, you enter the aura phase where you may experienced blurred vision, and photobia (which means you develop extreme sensitivity to the sunlight). You may see floaters, flashes of light (shooting stars) also.

3) After about 20 minutes or less a throbing headache kicks in. The smell thing is called osmophobia ("fear of smell") which is the smell counterpart of photobia common in migrane suffers (I get both) Your sense of smell is very much heigthened along with the hyperexcitability of your anxiety, leading you to think you are smelling things that are not there. I get that during a packed subway (very embarassing...I think I smell something coming from be..and it's nothing). The drooping of your head and weakness is scary but is just due to the constriction of the blood vessels to the brain. It's harmless...but in essence it's like having a mini "stroke" except during a stroke all of your blood is cutoff to your brain. Migranes won't hurt you the bloodflow is reduced but won't stop completely :) . You didn't mention, but you might have nausea and throw up...that's common during some might also feel less hungry and loose some weight.

A lot migranes are triggered by hot humid weather. Have some ice cream and don't swallow it just keep in there pressing against the back part of the upper cavity...helps pain. Think about taking a cold shower with the faucet turned at your face. You might want to go to your room and turn off the light and lie in bed silently. I have experience these things hundreds of times so don't fret and PLEASE DO NOT get an MRI or Cat-scan.....there's no neurological disorder. Go to your doctor explain your symptoms or look up about migranes (different types) and bening fascillculations. What's the real concern here, is your heightened anxiety. You might be developing a serious anxiety disorder. I can tell you the more anxious you get, the worse the twitching will get and the more frequent your fatigue and migranes will become. Just try to think of these symptoms as a " bad hangover"'s more or less the same process going on with some differences

Don't worry about I'm pretty sure you're just OK. I've had these symptoms and many more so any questions, feel free to ask:) .

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