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New and Dizzy!
Jul 28, 2006
Hi Everyone,
I would like to introduce my self I am boxerlover227:wave: I have been reading through all the message boards, not such a smart idea for a girl with anxiety disorder. I am alot like many of you, I suffer with the thought I have every illness created and then some. I excepted the fact that I suffer from panic attacks along with GAD. I have and still do speak with a therapist reguarding my disorder. But I am suffering with so many symptoms that I am unsure which are coming from where! I have posted on the tmj board as well as inner ear disorder reguarding a few symptoms that I just can't seem to shake now for the past few years. My symptoms of complaint that I question whether or not could be anxiety related are as follows:
Tension type headaches, constant pressure feeling in my head like a ton of bricks are sitting on my head or a tight band around my head, pressure behind my eyes that make it difficult to focus/function, my eyes always feel tired, dry burning as if I haven't slept in days. If I close my eyes and look up I could feel the pressure in my eyes, at times it effects my vision as if my vision gets jumpy. Feeling disconnected from myself, dreamlike everything seems off Dizziness/Lightheaded this is my main complaint, I feel like I am on a boat swaying/motion sensation, sometimes it feels as if I am falling to the side,backwards,forward, not so much a spin more a motion or a dropping sensation the kind you get in an elevator. Best way to describe it.. when I walk I feel like my legs could just give out " jelly legs":dizzy:
I know this is a type of vertigo and I am curious if it is a common
symptom with anxiety disorder? I know it is common with inner ear and many other illnesses but I suffer with anxiety and wonder if it's just a horriable symptom among the many others. I feel it is constant not just when anxious,
seems to be worse when standing, sitting or walking, and subsides if I lay down, which confuses me because most with inner ear disorders say they are dizzy/spinning when they lay down. And for me this seems to be my most comfortable position. I do have fast heart rates on and off expecially when I am standing, up to 120 at times and drops as soon as I sit or lie down.
But I believe this is brought on by the fear of this vertigo sensation, so I panic before time.. Antisapation I think? I notice if I take a half of .25 xanax which is only when really needed, my vertigo subsides some. I don't know if it's because I am calmer and don't notice it as much or if the xanax is actually helping the vertigo?? I guess my main reason for posting here on this anxiety message board is to try and get some feed back from suffers of anxiety like myself and figure out if this is a connection. I greatly appreciated anyone's advice, thoughts or own experinces that may help me sort this all out! Thank you in advance for all your support.:) sorry for the long post, but my symptom list is endless these days! Boxerlover:angel:

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