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Re: New and Dizzy!
Jul 28, 2006
Hi Nikigrl:wave: This actually has been a problem with me for some time now. I am just trying to sort through all my symptoms and see what each of them may or may not be realated to. I was Diagnosed a few years ago with Lyme Disease, never had a rash just an array of "symptoms" when they first appeared I was struck with flu like symptoms, horriable vertigo, headache like no other, rapid heart rate.. The list goes on. I felt as If I was going to die. I was treated for this diagnosis for 1 1/2 years with doxycyclin. At that time I had all kinds of blood test, neuro exams, ENT, cardio test, etc..Lots of money spent. I was eventually told my Lyme had went into remission and I should be feeling better. Days,weeks, months, and years have past and I still felt this horriable vertigo/dizziness, headaches, and all the rest of these wonderful symptoms I posted in my previous message I have returned to the Doctor several times over the years complaining of all these symptoms and My Doctor said it was all stress related, and that I shouldn't be experiencing any symptoms directly linked to the lyme. I was told my heart test were normal, except for rapid heart rate only when standing and durnig anxiety I was told to take toprol XL to reduce palps and fast heart rate, My ENT test were good, althought I never had a tilt table test, just hearing and exam. My neuro test was okay, although I never had an mri to rule out MS, and basically I was told this was all stress related and I was prescribed xanax .25mg which help subside the anxiety I was experiencing, and the fast heart rates. I settled for these answers not happily. And I tried returning to a normal life, with struggles here and there, mainly the headaches and Vertigo, and anxiety/panic attacks were my struggles. I Happily planned with my husband and got pregnant and was concerned about the lyme being passed to my baby, So I was sent for test that confirmed I was Still in remission, as well as 100 other blood test. I had a healthy girl :angel:My angel
And SO here I am with all this time that has passed still struggling with these symptoms,only my symptoms have progressed, my headaches are worse then ever, my vertigo is out of control and my anxiety due to the "unknown" Is driving me insane, I feel I am constantly on panic mode. I know I make my dizziness worse with panic and stress, but is the panic causing the constant vertigo feeling or is the vertigo causing the panic? I also know my body and feel there are more to these symptoms then just stress! OR is there?I started to research on my own time to get some feed back from others who may or may not be going through the same! I thought perhaps an inner ear disorder so I posted my symptoms and story to see what kind of feed back I would get
there also. You mentioned about my blood pressure and yes it does go up and down all day long, but I was told that was normal expecially when you are having anxiety. I notice mine is lower when I lay down which I am told is also normal. I also want to note to get a good reading I was told to always wait at least 10/15 minutes after taking it to take again to get an accurate reading. I am not sure why. And yes my heart rate is always bouncing around, high to low and back to high. As for your question about my Thyroid, My Doctor said this could very well be the cause and to come in and have some blood work done again, But I don't think it will be related being that I have been struggling with this for years and had so many blood test I would think this would have showned up by now. Or maybe not something worth looking into I guess.
I will keep searching for answers and direction in the mean time find comfort in others who feel as me. I understand how you feel being that our symptoms are alike and I am sorry to hear that you are feeling this way also.
I am wondering you say you get lightheaded and there are so many forms of dizziness I am wondering if you could describe yours to me, and whether or not you have a Diagnosis? Thank You in advance and I look forward to possiably hearing from others who may have advice or suggestions to my life long journey! (or so It feels):dizzy: All my best Boxerlover:wave:

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