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Hey Amb, Jules here did you stop taking the Lexapro? You might want to go to the Alternative board for your question. I have read Valarien Root and Fish oil can help but you better ask the experts. I do take fish oil which is great for alot of things. Check it out. Take care my friend and how are you doing today? Jules;)
Hi Jules! I hear ya about the heat...I'm in IL and it's the same here...miserable!!! Can't even hardly step outside.

I went to the grocery store yesterday with hubby and was miserable, but made it thru without xanax and didn't take any at all yesterday! I felt anxious off and on throughout the day and nite but talked myself out of a full blown panic attack. I seem to feel crappy in the mornings worse? I wake up with my teeth and jaw sore, my neck stiff and sore and just blah feeling. Surely that lexapro is out of my system by now? Then by the middle of the day my mood is better. I just need to find a good way to get rid of these panic attacks cuz it's wearing me out!! Glad you're doing well.

I don't know if I'm going to go the natural route or not unless my doc suggests it. I did some searching on the net and haven't found much positive info about any of it. So we'll see.

I wonder how Donna Sue is doing? Haven't seen any of her posts for a few days. Hope she's doing well.

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