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Sheesh Niki I cant wait for you to know exactly what is going too.I hope it will be very soon because I know you are having a real ruff time by your posts.I am experiancing left arm pains myself which I had months back for several months and it went away .along with left sided facial numbness and a bit of swelling in my lower legs......well now all that has returned ugh.I really dont know of any more testing I can have done ive had so much lol.I am trying not to let it bother me much though because I dont know what the heck to do anyway when I havent gotten any real answers.I am researching ways to help with these issues though ya know the natural stuff.I know that anxious feeling your having keeping you from sleeping and its very ruff.I wish there was something I could tell you to make it stop.I am still praying for you and hope this will be resolved very very soon!

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