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Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, I am having major muscle issues. For the past few days they've all been so tight I feel like they're gonna snap! Especially in my shoulders and forearms. It's like I've played a triple header in softball haha.

Anyways, wanted to know if you could elaborate on the relaxation techniques. I'd love to try them. Dr. prescribed muscle relaxers (flexeril) when I was getting tension headaches b/c of the tight neck and shoulder muscles but they make me very groggy and in my line of work (video editor) i can't keep dozing off on the job! so I'm trying to stay away from meds. Please share your secrets!

Also was wondering if you or anyone else has experienced a strange sensation like your muscles get really tense and then you get a shooting pain or warm feeling and then get all shaky and weak after? That's what I go through in this weird cycle.

Mom, dr's, et al are telling me it's just nerves, and the scariest bit is it'll happen when I'm not nervous or upset about anything! I guess the subconscious really is powerful. I'm glad this forum is here to bounce ideas off of.

Thank you for your time. Please reply if you can.


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