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Good Evening All,

I'm a 25 y/o female from the Boston area and am looking for opinions (and some reassurance..) on my situation. I have run the gammut of tests and am still answerless.

This started with awful headaches back in April of this year... migraines as my neurologist would dub them. I'd never had a migraine in my life before this, but here i was with daily ones for nearly three weeks straight. Accompanying them was this pins and needles, numbness, tingling feeling on my face and scalp.. mostly the left side, but it would sneak over to the right every now and then. it moved as it pleased and often felt like i'd just taken a shot of novocaine at the dentist's.

The neurologist gave me some muscle relaxers and sent me on my way. don't know how much help the muscle relaxers were but they certainly knocked me out. My boss didn't appreciate me dozing on the job. lol. Anyways, luckily the headaches subsided, but what replaced them is worse IMO. Nowadays I get random numbness/tingling/sharp pains in my arms and legs (again, mostly on the left, but sometimes on the right..) and an overall terrified feeling all the time, which of course makes them worse.

Now, I've had almost every test under the sun -- bloodwork, MRI of neck and brain, and full EMG --all thankfully negative!!! He's checked for Lupus, Lyme, MS, and every other abbreviation I'm aware of. He's now convinced it's muscle/posture related and gave me a horse sized shot of steroids in my shoulder last Weds and a 12 week rx of physical therapy to work out the kinks. Since then I feel its only gotten wose. My whole left side and sometimes whole body feels like jello. went back to the ER today (like the 5th time b/c all the docs i see insist i go there everytime some new development happens and I cant get a hold of them...) and ER docs (all 8 of them over the past 4 weeks) seem split between MS (please god dont let it be that), muscle/posture related injury, and Stress/Anxiety. I got so pissed at them everytime the word "anxiety" was uttered b/c I chalked that up to them saying I was making it up in my head, but after reading these board, I am beginning to think otherwise.

Over the years I have exhibited some of the symptoms i've seen here. I sometimes wake up (once or twice a month) with my heart pounding and the fight or flight terror (..didn't even have a nightmare). Sometimes that happens during the day and my hands will shake. Sometimes Ihave a hard time catchign my breath and feel like im gonan faint. I am in a stressful/transitional part of my life job and home wise and do get esaily riled by things. Lost a family member and a close friend 3 months apart so every now and then I'm convinced I'm next (that was 7 years ago, but it took the notion of invinceability away from an 18 year old...)

Anyways, it's bringing me some kind of relief to read that there are others out there with symptoms similar to mine and there's a chance that the percentage of doc's who say its not MS may be right. I'm trying to have faith in the clear MRIs, EMG's and bloodwork which I am assured by many would've picked it up. Neuro says only remaining test to be done is spinal tap to rule it out completely. for peace of mind I may opt for it, but the test itself scares the bejesus out of me.

:::takes a deep breath:::

to those who read this, thank you. Your replies would me much appreciated let me know if you think i'm barking up the wrogn tree or if anxiety disorder is something i should look into further with my GP.

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