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Tense Muscles
Aug 2, 2006
Good Morning,

I am going to a physical therapist today so hopefully she can sort it out, but I'm wondering if you guys have experienced something similar to this:

I am not yet diagnosed with anxiety, but I am believing it to be the case here. Often times I'll wake up in an adrenaline rush and will be really jumpy and skittish for no apparent reason. Just feel on edge all day.

Lately, my muscles (shoulders, neck, arms, and sometimes legs) have been SOOOOOO tight that they're tingling and very achy. This will come and go throughout the day, sometimes it comes on witha quick movement, sometimes with a rush of adrenaline, and sometimes with nothing at all provoking it. It's a very strange feeling that I have never experienced before and now I've been suffering with it for almost two solid weeks.

My back has been affected too although when my back does it I find it really hard to even sit up. It just goes to jello and I want to lay down.

I have been taking muscle relaxers pretty steadily but they just made me really tired so I stopped those about a week ago. Could this be withdrawls from that? a bad reaction to a pretty hefty steroid injection my Dr. gave me (my first one ever), anxiety at its worst, or something else?

I'd really appreciate your feedback.

Re: Tense Muscles
Aug 3, 2006
anxiety is known for causing physical pain through out the body especially due to tension


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