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I have bee on xanax xr 2mg once a day for 1 year prior to that i was on .5 klonopin once a day for 2 years and prior to that i was on xanax .5 mg once a day for one year.Anyways i have thyroid problems and panic attacks with GAD where i always think im going to die or have a seizure or what not. The las t two months i have been tapering off the xanax because i just want to be on a benzo on a as needed basis. I had a long talk with my doctor and he said well right now your thyroid is a little hyper so its going to be tough. He put me on a program that has worked. i went from being on 2mg to 1mg in a 2 month process. Now he wants me to change from the xanax xr 1mg to 4 .5 mg of klonopinand every 4 weeks cut down a half of a .5 pill until i get to one .5 pill a day. Once i get to this point i have to cut the pill in 1/4. Does this sound right to anyboday that has done this?One more question i have been on the 1 mg xanax xr for two weeks but yestarday i must have had a horrible panic attack because i was driving with my wife in the car and i starting thinking what if i have a seizure and then my thoughts got the best of me. She even noticed i was freaking out so i tought my 1 mg pill early. By the time i got home i thought i would be fine, but then i was still nervous and my heart started to race uncontrolably that my chest started to burn. I just felt like running somewhere and dying. Then i took another 1mg xanax xr and the panic attack subsided. But now i keep worrying will my heart race like this again so i dont even want to go anywhere.could this just be a withdrawl symptom eventhough my boday has been on the 1mg xanax xr for a whole 2 weeks wouldnt this crazy panic attack happened when i went from 1.5 to 1 mg right away. Any help would be much appreciated.

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