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I take metoprolol, it is taken twice a day (there is an extended release version called Toprol, but my doc likes the twice a day version) and I can only tolerate 25mg twice per day. My cardio says most people take 50mg twice per day, but I just can't tolerate it. I take my doses first thing in the morning when I get up, then 12 hours later. Some days my heart rate gets into the 40s and I become very tired and a little woozy. My cardio says it is not dangerous for relatively young people to have heart rates that low, athletes have them even lower, but it can make you feel tired and dizzy. On occassion, if I'm really tired and my heart rate is really low, I'll break my 25mg in half and just take that because my cardio said since my dose is so low stopping it shouldn't have any effect (but don't do that unless your doc says it is ok). Taking your pulse is VERY common in anxious people, especially anxious people worried about their hearts. I have done it on and off for years, I'm able to control it pretty well now. It takes time, but you'll get better. Are you scared about going to the cardiologist, or is it just your cardiologist in particular that makes you nervous? If it's just yours, you may want to try and switch docs. I get nervous going to any cardio! I just take extra Xanax, try to take my husband with me if he's available (though usually he isn't) and suck it up. Could you perhaps call your cardio and ask if you could lower your dose, or have you tried that? Also, how long have you been on your beta-blocker? Sometimes the symptoms will get better after your body is used to the medication. There are several different beta-blockers, too, and some work better than others for different people. I used to take atenolol and it worked great, then I got in good physical shape and I'd take it and nearly pass out, so I had to switch. Take care, and remember, even though you're nervous and weepy at the cardio, he wants to take care of his patients, so he's not going to give you dangerous advice.

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