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Hey Van, What worked for me? Well let's see after trying Celexa, Zoloft, paxil, Lexapro..non of those worked. they just made me depressed is all. As I mentioned before, I have no signs of depression. Mine was more panic attacks, and freaking out for nothing , like driving long distances, and being in huge crowds. My heart would just start pounding , felt like I was going to faint at any given moment. So back to the doctors, like I said it's all trial and error. my doctor finally just gave me Xanax and that seems to do the trick, when I need it. 1mg a dy, half in the morning and the other at night. I know it may not be for long term use..but been on it for 3 yrs and I am fine. I don't have FULL-BLOWN panic attacks anymore...I can do just about anything and live a normal life. by that I mean I don't let the panic/anxiety control me, I control it. Many people may tell you benzo's are no good and addictive, but what isn't?? SSRI's are the same. You become dependent on them as well. My mom for years was on Klonopin and many others, let me just say this, she ended up in the hospital. Seriously depressed. I don't think I ever remember being happy growing up. So what I am saying you are going to get some good feedback on Xanax or valium, and you are going to get negative feedback. I have noticed the majority of negative feedback I get from benzo's are people who can't get it from there doctors. Yeah they are addictive, but if something is going to work for me, and allow me to enjoy the things in life I have always done without thinking twice, why not? I AM GOING TO TAKE IT!

Hope this helps...remember..we are not all the same, different meds help different people. Good luck on finding the right med for you. keep posting and let me know.

Ariom :wave:

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