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Re: ? for Leela C
Aug 10, 2006

This all started for me probably last Nov, but really in Feb. I started having times where I felt lightheaded and like I was falling side to side. It started happening more and more. Then my muscles got really shaking and felt like I had brain fog. I spent 2 weeks in bed to no avail. My dr said anxiety, which is true, by that time I was anxiety ridden. When I kept feeling like I couldn't get my balance I pursuded further. Finally I was told inner ear and sent to a neurotolist(think thats what they are called) They specialize in inner ear, dizziness disorders. After testing he arrived at vestibular migraine, same as MAV. I've never had a headache. Just alot of very weird symptoms, that are all suppost to be part of it. The inner ear board has alot of info on it. I know alot of people have been helped by the beta blocker. I think it's a matter of finding one that works for you. If the beta blocker fails, there is a whole list of meds to go to, all with bigger side effects.

How many mgs of propranolol were you on?

I hope you can figure out your cause of lightheadedness. It is a horrible way to feel. I can really get down and out because of all the stuff I'm missing. That's why I have to buck up and get brave so I can live again.


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