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Way to go Snikkle!!:wave:
You probaby have made a few people smile today. Your post is very inspirational. I think if you can keep your head above water youre doin ok. Alot of people would literally fall to pieces if they had to walk a mile in our shoes. I agree with you on the nature thing, too. I have a bit of a different take on it though. I think it is about simplicity. Less language = less emotion. Meditation works great. Its Mindful Meditation though, not relaxation. The angle I am getting at is not meant to be cruel in any means but, do you happen to have anyone in your life who is lets say: "simple minded" (for a lack of a better term). They are the person who doesn't always get the jokes, notice their fly is know things just kinda sail right over their heads. They have got a leg up on us!!! They DON"T notice the miniscule things we do and they don't "sweat the small stuff" like we do. I think there is a bit to learn here: If you can mindfully (short expliantion: truly notice, (not experience) without judgement (minus the biases), the thoughts we experience we can learn to LOOK at our feelings and experiences as what they ARE not what we think they are. I think if we can learn to "numb" our nervous systems to the inital spark that ignites these fires we can be "smilin all the time without a care in the world" too. Research shows that people with anxiety problems are usually more intelligent than the average person. Looking for reasons, researchng, talking about and experiencing anxiety WILL make it worse. You (i think) need to do it MINDFULLY. Take care all.

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