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My husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the spring of 2006 after going into a manic episode. He was taking up as many as 6-8 1mg xanax a day and was up to 60 mg of prozac. He had previously been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder for most of his life. He can remember not being able to drive througha drive-thru before. He ordered his food and then just left because he couldn't be around people. I believe it was instilled in him to be insecure and fear death by his mother who is also bipolar. He has experienced alot of negative energy his whole life but then I think who hasn't?

Everyday he gets this look of worry and I ask what's wrong? He will complain of chest pain or stomach pain. I encourage him to take his xanax or try some antacids or yogurt. He sometimes will and sometimes will do nothing at all because he is parylized with fear that it is really his heart and these other things won't help. The doctor thinks the anxiety is part of the bipolar. He is on so much medication and is supposed to start a welding class this Saturday. He is afraid of being away from me just in case his heart should give out. Oh by the way, he is only 39. His dad has had numerous heart related problems and his grandpa just recently had a heart attack. I know he is worried about the genetic link. So I say well let's go for a walk or stop eating junk and take care of yourself. His fear leads him to read all kinds of health books and diet books but when he starts a diet he will quit and want to start another one and in between gorge on bad food. I am so scared for him and our family. I just put another post earlier on bipolar that he was improving and one day it will seem like he is and then he gets heartburn or an upset stomach and everything suffers. Medications he is on are zoloft, lamactil, risperidal and xanax. You would think this would sedate him alot. He has trouble reading and focusing for very long and has to have alot of things explained to him. I love him very much and want to live a normal life so badly. I just cannot imagine living the rest of our lives together with him sinking into the couch in fear. Can someone help give us some tips that might help? We already know the regular ones like focusing on something else. Of course he says that is easy for everyone else to say. We are Christians so we have spiritual advice being given also. I just don't know what to do sometimes.

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