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For the most part, my heart would race whenever I would have a hot flash, but at other times, my heart rate was pretty high (100 +). I think that I was so anxious all of the time because I was having these sensations and had no idea what was going on and that was why my heart rate was always high. A constant state of anxiety and worry almost always translates to a high heart rate because the adrenal glands keep pumping out adrenaline as a result of us being anxious. It is a vicious cycle.

After I went on the pill, the heart racing stopped but it took the Lexapro to calm down the constant worrying. I just went back on it as I mentioned before, so I am hoping it works again.

I really think that female hormones have a big impact on anxiety in women. Not all hormone imbalance is caused by menopause, many women suffer severe hormone fluctuations throughout their lives. Did the pill you took have different concentrations of hormones throughout the month or were all of the pills the same? If all of the pills are the same, they are called monophasic, and these are the best kind to keep hormones stable. If you were on a pill that changed throughout the month, that could have been the reason why you still had the heart rate issue. Just a thought, I certainly am no expert!

I hope you find some relief!


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