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During the height of my anxiety, I actually ran off a plane right before they disconnected the jetway. :dizzy: Talk about incredibly embarassing, and add that to the fact that I lived in Hawaii at the time, and the only way off the island, in practical terms, is to fly. So eventually I just had to! I went to my primary care doc and my psychiatrist. They collaborated and got me on a large dose or round the clock Valium three days before my flight (the first flight since I'd run off the plane like a madwoman!). They also talked with my husband and gave him advice, and actually had a contingency plan in place so that if despite all the meds I had in me, I was still unwilling to get on the plane, I would receive a shot that would essentially knock me out, yet not enough to require me to be placed on monitors. The large doses of Valium did the trick, and since then, I haven't had to take extreme amounts of meds and I've flown all over the place, even by myself. My fears did not involve hijackings or that sort of thing, though. I just become afraid when I'm in a place where there's "no escape". If you don't have any Xanax or Valium or a similar medication, go get some now! Go to your regular doc, a walk-in clinic, anywhere, explain your horrific fear and most docs will give you enough to get through your flight and your return. My mother has feared flying for years (and she's lived in Hawaii for a long time so she has to fly) and medication always works for her. Call or go to a doc now, take a cab to the airport, and you can do this! If I, who ran off a plane, can do it, you can!

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