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Just hoping to catch up with you. I've been off of the board for a while but I'm back-- need to get cuaght up & hoping to hear your progress ( all good I hope.)
I saw my psyche doc today. she is reducing my Remeron to 22.5 mgm per day & adding a low dose of Buspar. She felt the Remeron may be making me a bit too tired & apathetic plus is making me very constipated ! She fels a bit of Buspar added in will help me with all my "worry" which is interfering with me getting back to being myself. I figured I've gone this far--I'm going to try & worst thing that can happen is I am back to square one. I am doing a bit better, but just not quite right--hard to explain. I do feel I NEED to feel better than I do right now.

So fill me in--how is "little me"? I have figured some things out about my "little me" without realizing it at first. But I can't seem to comfort her..give me some hints...

Hi Kate, I'm doing my best to take care of myself but forcing myself to eat is really taking a toll on I'm sure you can relate. I have seriously considered going back on the Remeron to help mr through this extremely trying time. Depression has definitely settled in heavily, which is probably why I'm not noticing as much anxiety. I know it's still there, but it's in check. I so wanted to try to beat this on my own, but I'm starting to realize that might be impossible.

Yes, I was on 15mg of Remeron and I still have a few left. I also have several refills. My doctor said I could come off it and see how I did, but she stressed that I might *need* to be on it. If I felt that I did, she said we could do some dosage adjustments over the phone before my September appointment. I'm debating right now whether to start back up with the 15mg (which didn't really help me last go around) and call her on Monday about upping it to 22.5mg as you suggested. Since I have hemorrhoids, I DEFINITELY don't need constipation. I had no notable bowel disturbances at the lower dose, but I have read constipation can be a side effect.

I'm SOOOOOO happy to hear you're starting to get back to normal and experience life again. It seems like forever since I've felt that way. I'm not sleeping well at all these days and I dread getting up every morning. I can barely stand the thought of facing another day feeling like I do. You've given me hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

You too please keep in touch.

Kathy (anxiousagain)

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