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I'm sorry to hear of all you are goiong through right now. I am finidng the loss of relatives to be overwhelming...I know it is a big part of my problems.
I also did not have any problem with anxiety during the crisis times-- or maybeI wasn't aware of it... it is later that I melt down. So, take good care of yourself.

I know how you hate meds-- believe me I don't like that I am on this stuff. But I'm wondering if maybe you should take a low dose because the stress is eventually going to take it's toll.

Were you on 15 mgm of Remeron ? if so, &is you consider going back on, I would try the 22.5 rather than going up to 30 right away--the 30 was definatley too much for me
This is weird, but I only lowered the Remeron dose last night & added the 7.5 of Busoar last night as well. Normally ( or abnormally) I get up in the morning & just wander around the house for a while--tuen the coffee pot on, check emails, etc...but really don't want to face the day.
This morning I got up, washed my face , brushed my teeth, made the bed & got dressed all within 30 minutes & was out the door for errands . The entire time I was thinkiing- wow - I can't believe I am functioning like a normal person ! I really do think the Buspar was a good idea on my doc's part.
I even went to the beach for a while, got a ton of phone calls done, & went out tomite to hear a local band-- this is a lot for me in a day.
Something is better ........

And yes, I believe the Remeron caused constipation amost immediately when upped to 30 mgm. I had a real live normal BM this morning.

So, if this continues, I will stay on the meds as prescribed until she feels it's time to wean.Whatever it takes to feel normal is fine by me at this point.

Keep in touch so we can compare notes ~

anxiousinnj Kate

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