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Re: Muscle twitches
Aug 26, 2006

My symptoms are not as bad as when they first started. I don't get the facial twitching but now the right side of my tongue and lips occasionally buzzes/burns. I would get tingling in my thumb, index and middle finger on both hands but not at the same time and also in my right food - that's gone too. I now get traveling pin stick feelings on my arms and chest but they are fleeting.

I have other problems (kidney and gall stones) that cause pain and anxiety over a impending attack. I have had episodes of both and had my "twitches" flare up with each.

The ativan does help. I can sleep and it does relieve the physical symptoms. When I first began taking it, it would totally relax me and put me to sleep within 30 minutes and I would feel good (anxiety free) for a day or so. Now it takes the anxiety away for about 6 - 8 hours, but it doesn't have the same muscle relaxation effect it once did. Earlier this year, when I thought I had to have gall bladder surgery - I was taking them every day. When I didn't have to have surgery, I was relieved so I stopped. The worst depression of my life followed - it was awful. My doctor said I was having withdrawal symptoms and that I should probably stop taking it. Seven months passed before I took it again. I only use ativan when I absolutely need it. I have to deal with the weepiness/grumpiness afterward. I don't like to take alot of pills either, but that is the only thing I have tried that nips the anxiety attack in the bud.

Regarding sleep, I know when my kids were infants, their wakefulness would often disrupt my sleep. It takes time to get your sleep rhythm back. Does your baby keep you up? Are you anticipating her waking - so you get up? Does she have any health issues that are concerning you so you feel the need to constantly check on her. I went through that. I can tell you it gets better as they get older.

Check out your sleeping area too. Maybe move the tv out and get rid of any clutter and try to make it a relaxing retreat. Try relaxation breathing - sort of like what they taught in lamaze - deep conscious breathing. That may help you to fall asleep.

Let me know what the neuro says. You might ask your therapist/doctor too about post partum depression. It is not always the weeks immediately after birth - sometimes it comes out later. I experienced that too. Again, with help - it will get better.

Maybe find a moms group in your area. Mothers and More has chapters all over the country. Check with the hospital where your child was born or with your pediatrician - they can probably hook you up with a local group. Sharing your experiences with other moms going through the same challenges will help.

Wishing you luck on Wednesday! I hope you get some rest.

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